Avalanche Based Platypus Finance

How USP Depegging on Avalanche-Based Platypus Finance Was Caused by a Solvency Check Error

Platypus Money’s local stablecoin tumbled to 48 pennies from $1 prior on Friday following the assault According to the developers, Platypus Finance’s USP stablecoin lost more than 50% of its intended peg with US dollars earlier on Friday due to a flaw in a key pricing mechanism. Platypus posted a message on its Twitter account…

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Avalanche Blockchain growth

In 2022, Avalanche Blockchain’s transactional growth was 1,500%

Even though the total value of tokens locked on Avalanche-based decentralized finance applications dropped from $15 billion in 2021 to just over $900 million in November 2022, such transactional activity continued. Nansen, a data and analytics company, stated in the Avalanche’s report for the fourth quarter that it shared that the network demonstrated strength with…

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Ava Labs and AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) users are now able to create Avalanche Blockchain Nodes

Ava Labs is joining Amazon’s AWS Marketplace to speed up Avalanche adoption by institutions Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, announced on Wednesday that it will provide the crypto infrastructure through Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the intention of facilitating “enterprise, institutional, and government adoption of blockchain.” Avalanche is a blockchain designed to work with…

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