How to fix Quicken Error CC-502?

Quicken Error CC-502

The Quicken software line is more than 35 years old and was sold to H.I.G Capitals. It is a reliable application for tracking personal finances; also, it can be used to record and categorize earnings and spending, make detailed budgets, and provide various other financial assistance.

Unfortunately, nothing in this world is perfect and everything has its own set of flaws. Even the Quicken application has some errors, one of them being Error CC-502, which occurs while trying to update the bank account. Quicken Support is there to answer all your queries and all your doubts.

Analyzing the Symptoms of Quicken Error CC-502

  1. The computer will crash while running the same program
  2. The windows will become very sluggish and the mouse and keyboard will also not work properly
  3. The system would freeze periodically

Reasons for Quicken Error CC-502

There are several reasons for which Quicken can show Error CC-502. Some of them are-

  • An outdated version of Quicken: This error can arise due to some modifications by the bank, which is not configured in your Quicken software. Even a single change made by your bank on the web server can stop the updating process. This problem can be resolved by installing the latest version of Quicken.
  • Online account details are not synchronized: Sometimes this error can creep in due to account details not being synced properly. Refreshing the details can help in getting rid of the error,
  • Quicken file is corrupted: Sometimes this error can come up if the file storing the Quicken data is corrupted. The lost data can be retrieved in several ways. If you are unable to do it on your own then some technical experts will do the job for you.
  • Bank web service under maintenance: This is one of the most common reasons for this Quicken Online Error, which arises due to the maintenance of the bank’s servers that Quicken uses to download transactions.
  • Virus attack: Many times the Quicken users have too many junk materials in their systems. This makes the system vulnerable to malware attacks. 
  • Improper installation of Quicken: In certain cases, the Quicken software is not properly installed. This might lead to an error in the application.

Fixing the “Quicken Error CC-502” Effectively

Method 1: Update Quicken    

  • Open Quicken
  • Go to Quicken Help & click on Check for Updates 
  • Click yes if you see any updates
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process

Method 2: Refresh Online Banking Details

  • Find the account facing Error CC-502 in the Account Bar 
  • Either click on the gear icon or press CTRL+Shift+N
  • Click on Update Now

Method 3: Validate Quicken files and deactivate the account

  • Navigate to tools and select Account List
  • From the Account List click on Edit for the account which is showing error
  • Click on Online Services and click on “Deactivate”
  • Click on yes to confirm
  • Click on ok and then done
  • To make sure that the Quicken File is not damaged:
  • Go to File, select file operation and click on Validate and Repair
  • Check the option with Validate file and click okay
  • On the save transaction window click on save
  • You will now see DATA_LOG which will show any damage done your files
  • Close the DATA_LOG notepad
  • Follow the steps to reactivate your account:
  • Go to Tools and select Account List 
  • Click on Edit and choose Online Services
  • Select Set up Now
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • You might need to enter Quicken ID and Password or Vault Password
  • Click on Connect
  • Make sure to link account information with Quicken

Method 4: Create a new Quicken Test File

  • Click on File and select New Quicken File
  • Save the Test File with a name
  • Click on Add Account
  • Enter your Username and Password after selecting your account type 
  • This will add an account with a test file. Click on the finish to end the process
  • From the Account Bar, click on Accounts 
  • This will show any upcoming transactions
  • Click on Accept to register them 
  • Now update your account in Test File
  • Click on Done
  • Navigate to tools and select Account List
  • Select your account type and your financial institution
  • Enter the username and password. Click on Sign in and then connect
  • Click on LINK to Existing Quicken Account and select the account facing the error 
  • Click on Next and Finish to end the process 
  •  Click on One Step Update Icon next
  • Checkmark the account facing the issue and enter password
  • Click on Update now
  • Now click on close