Steps to resolve Quickbooks Error PS036

How to fix QuickBooks PS036

QuickBooks is one of the imperative accounting software for all kinds of businesses to advance their workflow in payroll and accounting. Because this software helps in salary processing operations for employees, along with managing the financial activities of the enterprise without any hindrance. But sometimes many errors could occur that can disrupt the continuous workflow of your venture. That is none other than Quickbooks Error Ps036

What is Quickbooks Error Ps036?

QuickBooks Error Ps036 is one of the common errors, which has experienced multiple times by most of the QB users. If you encounter this error in some cases, it won’t let  you to update your payroll to the new tax record.

Normally, this payroll yields error messages which tell users to ensure the payroll subscription. Glance at the below guidelines, In case, you don’t know the reason behind the payroll error and how to resolve the issue

What are the various reasons for the Quickbooks Error Ps036?

There are many causes due to which this error occurs and effects difficulties for users.  Even though there can be several causes behind the appearance of Quickbooks Error Ps036, inactive payroll subscription is the most familiar one. We have mentioned the list of all the causes of the QB Error PS036 

  • The validity of the payroll subscription has lapsed. So, QB users should analyze the validity of the payroll subscription.
  • Another instance, there might be an inactive direct deposit that exists in the multiple payroll agreements which are running. 
  •  Due to viruses, one of the main application file  extensions Paysub.ini might be corrupted
  • If users doesn’t have not upgraded version of  QuickBooks and other elements of windows, then it may cause the Ps036 error.
  • Perhaps users are utilizing the faulty service key to begin and run the QuickBooks Software.
  • One of the main causes of this error is the state where the Employer Identification Number provided by the QB user to access the software might be invalid 
  • The operation system of the computer might not support the latest version of QB software.

Problems occur due to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

The above illustration produces various issues while operating on the QuickBooks Software. Some of the basic problems due to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 are as follows:

  • Buying Payroll Subscription: Quickbooks operators need to purchase the payroll subscription to accomplish tasks in the QuickBooks application.
  • The collision of Windows: Business people may experience the intricacy where the windows will collapse multiple times while running the payroll in QB.
  • Re-installation of the complete Software: As the above issues persist, users should install the entire software once again and in that process, they might miss a few essential user credentials.

Methods to Resolve Quickbooks Error Ps036?

QuickBooks Error Ps036 can be settled by the below-given troubleshooting measures

Method 1:  Re-register and check for the Payroll Subscription once again

  • Reinstall the new original version of QuickBooks software for the desktop 
  • Access the QuickBooks and sign up to your Payroll Service Account.
  • Check the details such as My Payroll Services, Employee, and Account or Billing Information and update it.
  • Insert login credentials and click on sign in
  • After that reboot your PC and download the latest updates once again 
  • Now, access the QuickBooks software and confirm whether your problem is solved

Method 2: change the name of the Paysub.ini file

Paysub.ini is a private file on windows, to view this file, first of all, we require to modify the settings on windows folder options. Users required to make Paysub.ini.file visible.

To begin the process, users need to open My Computer. Later click Organize.

  • Choose the “Folder and search” icon, and later click on the View button.
  • Go to the visible option Hidden Files and Folders and click on it
  • Select the option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and drive
  • Tap on the Apply button and then tap Ok.
  • Once again, open My Computers 
  • Search for Paysub.ini with the help of the search bar
  • Right-click on the file and then hit the rename option.
  • Don’t forget to change the whole file name extension, i.e., .ini to .old.

In case the error persists once again,  it is recommended to close the QB again and modify the name of the Paysub.ini file. Perform the same methods once again for all the Paysub.ini files you own.

Method 3. Inspect the status of Windows Internet Connectivity 

  • Open Internet Explorer or any other browser and type any of the trusted website links; press the enter key from your keyboard
  • If the you couldn’t open the website and the error persists on the screen, then it implies that you don’t have internet connectivity
  • Call a professional to resolve internet connection issues.

Method 4. Take help of QuickBooks Data Repair Tool 

  • Access the Intuit website and install the QuickBooks Data Repair Tool on your system
  • Open the Downloaded file 
  • Choose the file to begin the process of installation
  • Wait till the installation has been performed
  • Run and understand the instructions to settle the installation process of QB software

Here are few other major troubleshooting tips to resolve the Quickbooks Error Ps036

  • Confirm that your Quickbooks software have been updated to the new version.
  • Run your payroll account and close it.
  • Shut down your computer and restart it once again. Once it begins entirely, run the payroll update.
  • Restore all the Quickbooks payroll updates that were downloaded earlier.