Turbotax Form 1098-T Error?

Turbotax Form Error 1098 T

Form 1098-T is the American IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax form which is given to college students by educational institutions. This is the form given to the student, for giving the information about how much tuition fee paid by him/her in a taxable year. Students can always take the help of Turbotax support to apply for the form which will be discussed in the article.
The form can be accessed through the IRS website. It’s mandatory for every student to file this turbo tax form when they enroll themselves in any college in a given taxable year. It’s often seen students get TurboTax 1098-T errors while filling the form. This error occurs when you have copied the information, but a mistake happened during pasting it. 

There can be various reasons for the TurboTax 1098-T error. It is always better to know about it before. So, let us see the reasons below: 

What Are These Turbotax Forms?

These 1098-T forms have the Information and are needed by anyone applying for a college to claim their educational credits and fee deductions on the tax return. These 1098-T forms give you the exact credit you can get on a tax return. 

Turbotax Online Error?

This error generally occurs when a student is filling out the TurboTax form. The one and only way to solve these errors is to find why the error occurred. Most of the time this error occurs due to spaces between the details filled in the tax form. Sometimes this error may appear due to the formatting of an invisible character.

What Are The Steps To Fix The Turbotax Error 1098-T?

The only way to resolve this TurboTax online error is to follow the steps mentioned below very carefully

  • First, check if there are any extra spaces added while filling up the details and if present removes it immediately.
  • If this doesn’t work try using another web browser to open this tax form.
  • If still it does not work then try downloading another browser and then filling up the form.
  • TurboTax phone apps may be handier to face this error. Try opening it into the browser window.
  • It is always a better option to type the given information to avoid unnecessary errors.

Turbotax Support

There are certain methods that you can use individually, but apart from it, you can always take the assistance from the experts from the Turbotax Support team. If you take the error to the notice of the support team, they will make sure to resolve your problem.

TurboTax Official Help

There are many resources for one who TurboTax helps in the issue regarding the 1098-T error. Some of them are listed below.

Online Articles

There are many articles that might get you through this error. These articles will provide you with information about your problem by suggesting the previous cases related to your problem. There are many articles out there guiding you from installation to errors in tax filing.


There are many videos that offer help to deal with the error and give you a better understanding of the software.


In the forum, you can easily share your ideas and thoughts, and also in the software-related discussion of Turbo Tax.


We hope to provide solutions for all your queries related to the TurboTax form and how to solve the errors. This blog also contains information about the occurrence of TurboTax 1098-T errors. As we mentioned, TurboTax provides different support channels to provide solutions.