Eric Johnson

Ethereum's next Sanghai Upgrade

Investors in Ethereum (ETH) Place Big Bets on the Success of the Next Upgrade

Another token frenzy has been sparked by Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, with investors betting on the upgrade’s success According to Bloomberg, speculators are increasingly betting on tokens associated with the upcoming upgrade to the Ethereum network, known as Shanghai. It is anticipated that the much-anticipated upgrade will take place in March. Holders of Ether will be…

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Book Value Vs Market Value

Book Value vs. Market Value

Introduction to Book Value What’s known as a “book value” or “break-up value” is a company’s total market value if it were broken up. Inventory, investments, equipment, and real estate are all included in this calculation based on a company’s balance sheet, which includes all of the company’s tangible assets. If a business were to…

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