Meta Shoots in VR for 52 Live NBA Games

NBA Games on Meta Quest

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) are expanding Meta’s partnership. The company will provide social, immersive experiences of live NBA basketball using its Meta Quest headset.

In virtual reality (VR), Meta is entering the world of live sports. On its Meta Quest headset, the company will offer more than 50 games in XSTADIUM and Meta Horizon Worlds. Additionally, in the coming weeks, NBA-licensed apparel will be available in the Meta Avatar Store thanks to a partnership between Meta and the league.

Fans can now watch live sports in virtual reality as part of Meta’s big announcement. XSTADIUM will essentially provide NBA and WNBA fans with high-quality videos and the ability to host and watch parties with friends. With so many exciting VR features to enjoy, watching the NBA at home can be a social event. Users will also be able to subscribe to NBA League Pass in the future.

Virtual reality’s special features One special feature will let fans play five games with famous broadcasters in 360-degree virtual reality. Additionally, NBA 2K League, NBA G League, and WNBA games can be viewed online. You will also be able to access game highlights, recaps, and archived content in Meta Horizon Worlds.

Last but not least, in the upcoming weeks, Meta will introduce NBA-licensed apparel to the Meta Avatar Store. On Meta Quest, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, fans can purchase NBA or WNBA team apparel for their avatars.

The unwavering ambition of Meta has been made abundantly clear this year. The company is moving forward with its vision of a virtual reality-enhanced future of immersive online experiences. In point of fact, you can now go to this brand-new NBA Arena to watch games with friends, compete in interactive minigames, and support your favorite teams.