BitsGap Trading Reviews 2023: Platform For Crypto Trading And Automated Trading Bots

Bitsgap trading bot review

Are you looking for a trading bot that can help you make profits? Do you want a bot that is privacy and security compliant? If so, the Bitsgap trading bot may be the perfect solution for you. In this review, we’ll take a look at what the Bitsgap trading bot can offer users and what are the benefits of using it.

Max Kalmykov first introduced Bitsgap in 2017 as a cloud-based trading platform with the main goal of offering arbitrage opportunities on 6 different exchanges. The program developed into a complete trading terminal that could be used in combination with automated trading bots over time. Constantly new features were being introduced.

Bitsgap is currently a cryptocurrency trading app. It provides a large selection of smart trading features and trading bots. Its major objective is to reduce trading anxiety by automating nearly every aspect of it.

By connecting to various cryptocurrency exchanges, users will be able to place orders that will be executed automatically in response to certain conditions using Bitsgap bot trading. Trading tools like Bitsgap stop loss and Bitsgap trailing can be used by traders even though these capabilities are not provided by the exchanges themselves.

Since Binance is the exclusive platform where users can trade in futures markets, most people can only utilize the Bitsgap cryptocurrency bot for spot trading. At the end of this article, we will provide a thorough explanation of the Bitsgap futures bot.

It has thus evolved into a practical all-in-one trading platform that enables users to automate trading and manage their portfolios across many exchanges.

How Does BitsGap Function?

Bitsgap executes trades on exchanges that accept it by connecting to the bitcoin exchange account using an API key. As a result, it will be a method for third parties to manually and automatically open and close orders through a third party.

  • Here is a short guide on how to utilize Bitsgap to get you going:
  • When creating an account, provide an email address.
  • Connect this account to one or more exchanges that the platform supports.
  • Create a trading bot for Bitsgap or start manually entering orders.

Main Features Of BitsGap

Demo Mode

Customers can use a demo account to test out the platform and become familiar with it before trading with real money. If they wish to compare the two platforms, this is extremely useful.

Ready-Made Techniques

You can choose from a variety of pre-made tactics using the Bitsgap trading bot. Based on successful backtest outcomes, you can choose the top strategy from a variety of predefined ones.

Performance Analytics 

Performance Analytics is an intriguing element of the trading bot. It provides you with a thorough grasp of your results and all of your bot’s statistics.


For those who are curious, how does arbitrage perform? The price difference of a similar trading pair between two or more cryptocurrency exchanges was used to combine deals that were made. Any time a trader has access to arbitrage options, it is quite advantageous.

Profitability 24/7

With the help of the cloud-based Bitsgap platform, your automated bots can continue to function even when you are not online. With the use of Bitsgap’s Trailing Take Profit (TTP) tool, traders can place take-profit orders. But only Spot Trading can use this feature.


Bitsgap is wholly committed to providing a secure network for cryptocurrency trading. So, to guarantee the security of the connection between the platform and the connected exchanges, high-end encryption is used. Additionally, it provides a portfolio tracking feature for enhanced digital asset security.

Smart Trading

The Bitsgap Smart orders Trading terminal has the benefit of providing the user with a variety of tools to increase base currency production and lower trading risk. This “Smart Trading” option may be found in the “Platform” area in the top right corner of the website. The following tools are available with the Smart Trading option:-


Instead of placing a market order, traders might place a limit order. Market orders allow traders to rapidly either buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the going rate; limit orders are ideal for those who can’t wait for the best price.

When opposed to market orders, the Buy limit guarantees that you will receive the price you specify or, if possible, a lower price. The Sell limit guarantees that you will receive the price you choose or, if available, more on the market.

TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) 

works well for huge orders that could significantly affect the market. TWAP’s goal is to limit the market’s influence on basket orders.


It aids in preventing larger trades from being exposed to steadily declining prices. A scale order may also be used to enter or exit a position at a better average price. To reduce the market impact of releasing a single large order, a scale order combines several orders at various prices.


Although the execution of the order is guaranteed with this kind of transaction, the best or preferred execution price is not!


Stop market orders can be used like buy or sell orders in trading, but nothing happens until the price reaches the trigger. Once the target price is reached, the stop order changes to a market order. The Stop Loss order is another term for this one.

Enter the price at which the order must be executed to enable Stop Loss. When the need is satisfied, the bot will immediately terminate operations and sell the base currency.

Even above the known Lower Limit Price, the Stop Loss can be placed. The Stop Loss is irreversible if Trailing Up is disabled. However, if enabled, the Stop Loss becomes dynamic and, at a given break, follows the Lower Limit Price.

Stop Limit

After a chosen stop price has been achieved, the order will be executed at the specified (or better) price. This stop-limit order transforms into a limit order to buy and sell the traded asset at the limit price or better if the stop price is met.

Demo Trading

The Demo Trading option can be accessed by signing in with your free account in the website’s upper right corner. You can then switch your trading account to the Bitsgap demo account using this. It is an excellent choice for beginners. You will be given some fake demo cash to use in this demo account, allowing you to test your trading methods and learn about them without having to risk any real money.

You may learn how to use the various trading tools on the Bitsgap platform with this demo trading facility. The following advantages of Bitsgap’s Demo Trading Terminal have been identified as we prepared this review:-

  • Access the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Practice trading with 5 BTC worth of virtual money.
  • trading practical knowledge in a live market.
  • Try using different trading tactics.
  • Test out arbitrage opportunities, active trading bots, and signals.

Platforms BitsGap Offers

Bitsgap supports a lot more cryptocurrency exchanges than other trading bots like Cryptohopper, which only supports 12, and 3Commas, which only offers the top 15 exchanges, with almost 25+ numerous exchanges. is a second platform that connects with 17 cryptocurrency exchanges after Bitsgap. Bitsgap is a cloud-based trading platform, whereas is a locally installed program. The supported exchanges listed by Bitsgap include Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, OKEX, Bittrex, Kucoin, DDEX, IDEX, GEMINI,, CoinEx, and others.

Trading Bots

The Bitsgap bot trading’s evaluation of automated trading strategies is its strongest draw. Users can choose from a variety of automated trading bot platforms to manage their portfolios and trade cryptocurrencies with a fixed mindset. Platforms for cryptocurrency trading bots offer distinctive patterns and techniques that help to increase the profitability of your crypto bots. You can choose any well-known trading partner based on their performance.

Grid Bots

The main goal of the Grid bot is to make it possible for players to profit from slight price changes in both directions. The Bitsgap grid bot is an excellent instrument to continuously profit from modest price swings in sideways flow when there is not much activity in the market. It assists the players in setting up a grid to detect the general trend automatically.

It refers to a profit percentage with a volume-weighted average price of all trading orders. It requires very little control and enables users to make a steady profit. Although players can apply their grid trading technique, it also includes a few established grid tactics for beginners and pros. The Grid Bot reverse mode feature allows the trader to profit from an asset’s decline by selling cryptocurrencies at a profit and buying them back at a loss when the market declines.

DCA Bots

A DCA bot that Bitsgap recently released assists customers in bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions. This trading tool now offers several additional features, including choices for risk management and entry and exit points that are more precise. For gamers who use active trading bots, the DCA bot offers a rapid and effective outcome facility.

A set of risk management features is also included in the DCA bot, which aids in the growth of your trades. These tools are risk mitigation, drawdown limits, and trailing stops. This DCA bot is a technical trading approach, claims Bitsgap Reviews.

Future Bots

The Futures bot, which Bitsgap launched, enables users to trade cryptocurrency between different Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) orders and collect profits that are arranged in a grid regardless of whether the market is flat, increasing, or dropping. With the futures bot, you have the option to trade with leverage positions ranging from 1x to 10x and with almost 10x more money than you invested. You can also take advantage of arbitrage possibilities to trade short and profit from declining prices.

Create A BitsGap Account Process

Let’s say you wish to utilize Bitsgap’s resources. In such a case, to begin placing orders, you must first sign up for a Bitsgap account on the website and accept all the terms and conditions of the current agreement. The Application must be downloaded, installed, and your API keys must be entered into the Application.

Make An account

Any fully authorized individual or legal entity is eligible to apply for an account. You provided your genuine name, all necessary personal information, and company registration information when opening the account. You must submit accurate, comprehensive, and reliable information. You are not allowed to provide any false information or, if you lack the necessary permissions, establish an account for someone other than yourself.

The authorized person opening an account on the legal person’s behalf must demonstrate that he has all the necessary rights and authority to do so. Following that, a photocopy or scan of certain papers, including your passport, ID card, driver’s license, utility bills, and payment method information, is needed for account verification.

Any account registration request may be accepted or rejected by the company at any time and without cause. Registration for an account requires a full and valid agreement of all policies and terms and conditions.

Install Exchange Accounts

It is completely up to you to keep any information associated with your account private, including any passwords and any actions taken using your account. You must notify the relevant cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as you become aware of any illegal use of your account or fail to keep all information safe and secure.

Without the company’s express written consent, you are not allowed to transfer your account to another party. Additionally, you agree to never use another person’s password or account without that person’s explicit consent.

Plans For BitsGap’s Prices

Based on our investigation and Bitsgap trading bot review, the company offers three unique price options to its customers. These are the Basic, Advanced, and Pro plans; you can pay for your Bitsgap subscription using digital currencies in addition to more traditional payment methods. The following is a quick description of these plans:

Basic Plan

This plan costs $ 24 per month and provides access to many automated crypto trading platforms in addition to setting up trading signals. Users are given the option to utilize just Grid and DCA trading bots.

Advanced Plan

This plan has a $100,000 monthly trading cap and costs $57 per month. Other benefits of this subscription include Bitsgap Arbitrage Action Trading and five active trading bots, including Grid Bots, DCA Bots, and Future Bots.

Pro Plan

The monthly cost is $123 and the trading limit is unrestricted. Access to 20 Grid trading bots, 10 DCA trading bots, futures bots, and Bitsgap trailing bots are also made available to users.

Payment Methods For BitsGap

Customers of Bitsgap have access to a variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. The benefit of having a variety of payment choices is that it makes depositing and withdrawing money from the platform simpler, which is a good feature.

It encourages gamers to trade quickly, easily, and without difficulty. Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal are accepted as monthly payment methods by Bitsgap. They also take several different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and XRP. Bitsgap ensures the security of your credit card information by encrypting it using the RSA 2048 encryption algorithm.


The last overview of Bitsgap is that it is a reliable and successful cryptocurrency trading platform with a variety of features that draw both expert and novice traders from around the world. It is appealing due to its simple setup and integration, support for more than 25 cryptocurrency exchange technical indicators, and extensive selection of Bitsgap crypto trading bots.

Bitsgap makes an effort to provide tools, such as grid bots, DCA bots, arbitrage review and automated algorithms, cross-exchange portfolio management, and cryptocurrency trading bots, to aid novice and experienced traders in maximizing returns and locking in winnings during market corrections. It will be simple to manage all of your cryptocurrency holdings in one location after we link exchanges with Bitsgap and offer automatic trading solutions.

You may also track open positions, see your trading history, and manage your balance on the linked multiple exchanges, giving you more control over your portfolio. In addition, Bitsgap enables users to test out new orders like Sniper, Shadow, TWAP, and Iceberg, as well as fully automated trading bots, in a risk-free sample mode. Using Bitsgap, traders can automatically purchase and sell according to strategies that they have defined.

In conclusion, Bitsgap is a top-notch cryptocurrency trading platform, as shown by our assessment of their trading bot. You should give Bitsgap a try at least once as you begin trading cryptocurrencies because of their solid team, transparent income strategy, cutting-edge features, and ideal product.