Coinrule Trading Bot Review 2023: Appropriate Automatic Trading Bot

CoinRule Trading Bot Review

What Is Coinrule? 

Hence, if you are here, you must be looking to trade a tool. We have all the pertinent information regarding Coinrule for you. This fantastic platform, according to the Coinrule review, contains all the resources you need to be successful in your cryptocurrency trading pursuits. Trading relies on metrics and indicators; predicting their data realistically can be intellectually taxing.

Furthermore, human error in such circumstances might result in large financial losses. The user can therefore utilize the Coinrule trading bot to prevent all of this. It takes into account all indicators and aids the user in making a profitable trade.

The trading bot platform was established in the UK in 2018. It mostly uses templates to meet the specific needs of the customer. Coinrule is available to traders of all strata, it is for everyone, and it can make money for everyone. In the following sections of this Coinrule review, we’ll examine Coinrule’s operation, its packs, its value, and more. Continue reading; you’ll find this information to be very beneficial.

The Function Of Coinrule Trading Bot

Coinrule operates because its system is based on trade bot services on a certain website. These bots assist with financial transactions. As cryptocurrency has only been around since 2009, it is challenging for many bots to generate accurate market predictions. Investments in cryptocurrencies, therefore, cost money in the form of high trading commissions, restricted services, and security. By focusing on cryptocurrency rather than other trading products, Coinrule has attempted to change this. For experienced algorithmic traders, it has shown to be a better choice.

Users can establish trading rules thanks to the templates of trading methods they offer. For instance, if A occurs, B will follow. Trades only go through if the template and the market conditions match, where A is a precondition or “rule” put into the template. In the absence of a pattern for their trading tactics, people can create their own rules. Once configured, trades are made on your bitcoin exchange (Coinrule supports many well-known international exchanges).

The rules can be set up to execute as fast as needed. Every week, fresh trade indicators are introduced to the platform, which is continually changing. If a template for their desired trading strategy is not accessible, one might create their own automatic trading rules. Before trading, make sure to do your research and read up on any security precautions. Using well-known trading techniques is beneficial, but creating your template is preferable.

Review Of Coinrule Trading Bot: Pros And Cons


  • Solid user experience for individuals who are not very experienced with bitcoin trading bots.
  • Thanks to the free registration you receive on Coinrule, you may start trading with no risk.
  • Compatible with the following exchanges: Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, and others.
  • Coinrule never skimps on security.


  • Not quite as many features as rival trading bots.
  • The most expensive Coinrule tier is incredibly pricey.
  • Does not apply to smaller exchanges (not unusual for trading bots though).

Main Characteristics Of Coinrule Trading Bot

There are several noteworthy characteristics. We’ll talk about the template technique, backtesting, and utilization of exchanges based on the same.

Templated Trading Techniques

A formula that strictly adheres to technical analysis and trading volume on the market is a surefire approach to succeed in the market. Users can employ a set of established rules and actions known as a trading strategy template for each transaction. Consistency and structured trading can be ensured by having a clearly defined trading strategy in place and a template to adapt for each deal.

Either your own trading rules or demo rules are options. Its trading platform is first-rate, therefore it can process monthly trade volumes with ease, which makes it easier to comprehend the pressure on the bitcoin market. These templates are built using information from asset technical and fundamental research.

Technical analysis is a method for spotting trading opportunities by examining the patterns and trends in price charts. It assumes that the stock’s current price has already taken into account all relevant stock-related information, including news, fundamental factors, sentiment, and so on. As a result, it concentrates on recent volume and price trends and projects future price changes.


Backtesting is a well-liked trading method that evaluates the accuracy of a trading strategy using previous data without using real money. A trading strategy that has done well in the past is likely to do so again in the future, and vice versa. This is the foundation of backtesting. To start, you must create a plan that outlines all the elements that could lead to gains or be profitable.

There will be no security compromise because the template you use will be encrypted from outsiders. The asset class and the chart time range must be considered while developing a strategy. This makes it easier to track sophisticated signs, which might benefit your strategy. This can ensure that there are no problems throughout the process. Many asset types have unique properties that affect how much historical data is gathered. The former Chief Strategy Officer has confidence in this tool.

Secure Trading Exchanges

They have strong ties to the major players in the trading industry. Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Cencius, and Coinbase are the supported exchanges. The fact that these are some of the well-known and enduring conversations should be emphasized. So, their trading data is trustworthy and ought to assist the customer in developing a winning strategy and executing profitable trades. Those participating in these transactions receive unique private keys. Many exchanges are made simple to organize in this way.

The Resources Coinrule Trading Bot Offers ‍‍‍

Bots For Crypto Trading

Crypto trading bots primarily drive market growth. Crypto bots offer the user the necessary information to take appropriate action. As previously said, these bots hunt for information from hedge funds, business forums, and the top cryptocurrency exchanges to give the user a proper trading template. They typically interpret the trade charts using technical and fundamental analysis. The template is then projected using Coinrule. Before using the bot service, you can also open a demo account of your own and begin investigating demo exchange options. It is simple for beginners to use the bot services.

The Calculation For Crypto Profits

How much money you could potentially invest in cryptocurrencies in the future can be calculated using the what-if crypto calculator. For cryptocurrency traders, it is a helpful tool. It is the most helpful free online program and offers a simple approach to figuring out the return on investment for a cryptocurrency transaction. When utilizing the Crypto Profit Calculator, you have a choice of five trading techniques. The following are some of them: “Buy the Dip in the Bull Market,” “Buy the Dip Multi-level,” “Ride the Trend,” “Maximized Crossing Moving Averages,” and “Low Volatility Buy and Sell.”

The users can choose an investment amount between $1 and $5000. Also, they have a range of options for their investment period, from one month to a maximum of 18 months. This tool offers you investing advice or functions similarly to technical indicators.

Coinrule Trading Bot Pricing Guides

Coinrule is easy to use even for new users. They provide convenient “If/Then” settings that make it easy to set up your trading strategy for cryptocurrencies. New customers can readily use the service because the learning curve is so slick. With the use of supporting tools, investing is made simple. Also, it benefits other users.

Automated cryptocurrency trading, an automated trading method locator, and a free trading signal booth are all included in Coinrule’s service offerings. You can choose from their trading template library. With these products available on their platform, the trading platforms function more effectively. The number of rules you may use, the number of exchanges you can connect to, your market trade volume, and the number of trading templates you have access to depend on the kind and plan of your account. Coinrule provides the following trading templates: –


The trading platform is free for users of the Basic Plan. Three criteria are included for each action, along with two Live Rules, two Demo Rules, one Linked Exchange, seven Template Strategies, and a monthly trade volume cap of $3,000.00. This strategy enables bitcoin newcomers to investigate and understand how the trading bot functions in real time. Users must purchase one of the aforementioned subscription plans if they want access to multiple exchanges. If you wish to use the Coinrule web platform, you can set up a demo exchange account.


The Hobbyist plan offers access to 3 conditions per action, 7 live rules, 7 demo rules, 40 template strategies, 2 connected exchanges, up to $100k monthly trade volume, and Binance futures for a monthly fee of $29.99 (billed annually as $359). The Hobbyist plan also includes a monthly cap on the transaction volume of $100,000. Each subscription package includes access to the Trader Community and Advanced Indicators. For seasoned traders, it is a fantastic strategy.


The Trader Plan costs $59.99 per month, and it gives you access to the following features and advantages: 5 separate requirements for each action; a free 30-day trial for a paid TradingView plan’s signals; Binance Futures, One-on-One Training Sessions, Live Telegram Notifications, Unlimited (190+) Template Strategies, 3 Linked Exchanges, Up to $1 million Monthly Trade Volume, 15 Live Rules, 15 Demo Rules, Live Telegram Notifications, and TradingView Integration. If advanced traders are dissatisfied with the crypto trader package, they can choose the pro plan. Also, this package aids in the analysis of bear markets.


One-on-one training sessions, Binance Futures, unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trade volume, TradingView Signals with a free 30-day trial for a paid TradingView plan, 50 Live Rules, 50 Demo Rules, unlimited template strategies, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trade volume, Binance Futures, leverage strategies, live Telegram and Text notifications, free access to the trading platform, and more are all included in the Pro Plan, which costs $449.99 per month. Customers also have access to sophisticated operators and indicators through the plan.

Predicted Price

The cost of the plan you purchase would be the only money you would have to spend because Coinrule does not impose transaction fees. For consumers who choose an annual billing option, Coinrule provides savings for all programs.

Plan Comparison

The pricing of the plans varies according to the wide range of features provided and takes into account the different levels of expertise of the investors who might execute transactions on the platform. Customers have the option of selecting the package that best suits their needs. The advanced supplementary features that come with Coinrule’s pricier plans are exclusively accessible to seasoned traders. The starting and hobbyist plans are appropriate for novice users, but the pro programs are designed for seasoned traders. All plans, except the pro plan, are considered to be value for money based on the features offered by each plan.

Affiliate Program For Coinrule Trading Bot

The greatest user experience in the market is offered by Coinrule for automated trading systems on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Binance Futures, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken. Automated crypto trading for asset classes like stocks, ETFs, and bonds will soon be available on trading platforms like IG Index. Cookies are valid under this system for 45 days.

Customers can access the following 3 affiliate programs on their website:

  1. FlexOffers Restricted by Coinrule
  2. On CJ Affiliate, Coinrule Limited
  3. Limited by Coinrule for Lemonades


Overall, we have had a great experience with the Coinrule platform. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Also, Coinrule is quite accessible thanks to its straightforward monthly and yearly plans; for a small charge, one can use these expert trading bots. There is a whole class of merchants who only trade using trading bots. Also, their cutting-edge technical analysis will undoubtedly bring in big bucks for you. We found that there is adequate room for personalization with a large selection of templates.

At Coinrule, there is something for everyone. Since Coinrule is a registered business, it is legitimate in many nations. It is reliable and will undoubtedly provide a high rate of return on investment. So, Coinrule automatic trading bot is for you if you’re seeking excellent analysis, several templates, a user-friendly interface, affordable plans, and a significant return on investment.

It includes trading tools for both novice and professional traders, so it has something for everyone. Receive your paid memberships and a personal financial advisor that works automatically. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our Coinrule review of the platform for automated cryptocurrency trading based on the crypto trading bot algorithm.