Cornix Trading Bot Review 2023: Is It Beneficial For Bitcoin Trading?

Cornix Crypto Trading Bot

Cornix is a smartphone app and Telegram bot that provides cryptocurrency trading anytime, anywhere. The Cornix mobile app and trading bot’s main goal is to make crypto trading easier for users around the world who might have accounts with numerous exchanges that can be accessed from a single location.

This Cornix review will concentrate on the cutting-edge trading capabilities and operation of the Cornix bot. Along with that, we’ll give a thorough analysis of the account prices, Telegram bot integration, essential trading features, supported exchanges, and much more.

How does Cornix Trading Bot work?

By combining many Crypto Trading signals and executing the finest signal provider for traders, Cornix is an automated trading bot that offers automatic signals.

Customers of Cornix can relax knowing that the auto trading bot will handle call trading signals and actions on behalf of the trader’s thanks to API keys from seven crypto trading exchanges, TradingView notifications, Discord, and Telegram.

Since the Cornix trading bot offers automatic trading and other important advanced trading features, traders are not required to be online. It runs every trading strategy because it is a cloud-based service, provided that the traders have set all the necessary settings.

Also, Cornix provides a 14-day free trial for its top crypto trading bots; however, to continue using the service, users must subscribe to one of the exchange platform’s price plans.

Advantages Of Using Cornix Trading Bot

  • Enhanced trading capabilities
  • Automatic Trading
  • Use API keys to connect to the exchanges.
  • Providing Cloud-based service
  • Advanced features like taking profit and loss
  • Service using a subscription model

Pros And Cons of using Cornix Trading Bot


  1. 24 hours a day, responsive customer service responds to issues.
  2. prominent exchanges including Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, BitMEX, Bittrex, Binance, and Binance Futures are supported
  3. free trial period of 14 days
  4. Integrated with a variety of Telegram channels
  5. architectures for advanced network security


  1. Only used Telegram and Discord to operate
  2. Less supported cryptocurrency exchanges
  3. Not suitable for beginners

Key Elements of Cornix Trading Bot

The most cutting-edge trading capabilities that Cornix enables are briefly covered below:

Enhanced Trading Capabilities- In a single trading activity, traders can use simultaneous take-profit and stop-loss orders and complicated tracing features.

Stay Connected 24/7- To ensure that traders are always up to date on their most recent trading actions, Cornix delivers push alerts directly to the device in use.

Alerts From TradingView And Pine Scripts- Use the strength of these extra features to trade based on your techniques and unique indicators while monitoring the results of your trades.

Organize Various Interactions- Just link Cornix to various crypto exchanges to manage and view markets for your portfolio.

Private Optimised Settings Have A Feature Called- Many trade configurations and signal channel configurations are analyzed by the Telegram bot system, which then recommends to the users the optimal trading settings.

Security Benefits of Using Cornix Trading Bot

Using Cornix has many advantages, one of which is the trading bots’ assurance of risk-free and secure crypto trading based on Telegram signal groups. By utilizing cutting-edge trading tools, users can reduce risk when trading manually or automatically. Customers’ security is given priority by Cornix developers, who also safeguard sensitive data including API keys. The security of client data, especially sensitive data like API keys that are properly held in the system, has taken a significant amount of time and work. Before being saved on the platform, all client information is secured.

Cornix advises customers to create API keys without granting authorization to make withdrawals to increase security. This implies that no outside parties or organizations will be permitted to withdraw funds from the trading account without the users’ permission. Last but not least, Cornix doesn’t generate trading indications. It only affects signal groups formed by the users’ selected crypto signals. So, even if there is a trading loss, Cornix is not responsible for it.

Cornix Trading Bot Plans and Pricing

Subscription plans for Cornix come in three flavors: Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro.

The Beginner Package is semi-automatic, so you can click the “follow signal” button to join a signal that is posted in a Cornix-supported channel you are connected to. Manual trading, trailing functionality, concurrent stop-and-take profit orders, trading notifications, and customer support are also included in this package.

The Auto Trading feature, which enables you to follow any signal that is posted in your preferred channels round the clock, is included in the Intermediate package in addition to everything that is included in the Beginner package.

The Cornix mobile app and web version, optimized channel configurations, and TradingView integration are all part of the PRO package, which goes beyond what is included in the Intermediate package.

Cornix Trading Bot-Supported Exchanges

Users of Cornix can link their preferred cryptocurrency exchanges to monitor and manage their portfolios, as well as create open and closed deals, from a single location. The following well-known crypto exchanges are supported by Cornix:-

  • Bybit 
  • Kucoin 
  • Huobi 
  • BitMEX
  • Binance Futures 
  • Bittrex
  • Binance


In summary, the platform’s development was primarily driven by the need to make trading simpler for investors everywhere. In essence, Cornix is an automated trading bot for cryptocurrency trading signals that shows customers where and how to purchase and sell cryptocurrency tokens while also providing them with optimal entry pricing. Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi, BitMEX, Bittrex, Binance, and Binance Futures are just a few of the 7 exchanges that Cornix supports. Also, it includes a list of each exchange’s crypto coin pricing and trading volume.

Users can employ numerous entry, take-profit orders, and stop orders when applying sophisticated trailing setups to their trades in a single trading move, which is one of the many advantages of using Cornix.

Multiple entries, take-profit methods, concurrent stop, and take-profit orders, establishing automatic entry, default trade size, and many more top features of the advanced suite are also included. Last but not least, Cornix developers prioritize client security above everything else. For added security, traders can turn off the withdrawal permissions on their API keys.