Cryptohopper trading bot review: Know more about it

CryptoHopper Review

Cryptohopper helps users grow their crypto investments using feature-rich terminal and automated trading bots that operate on over 16 major exchange platforms. Cryptohopper is a powerful AI-powered crypto trading bot that helps you save time, trade 24/7, and completely automate your trading.

Benefits of Cryptohopper

  • Helps you cut losses.
  • Maximizes your profits
  • Helps in building your crypto portfolio.
  • Helps you trade your crypto around the clock without having the need to sit by your PC, thus never missing out on the opportunity of trading.
  • Saving your time by completely automating your trading

Cryptohopper was founded by Dutch brothers Ruud Feltkamp and Pim Feltkamp in 2017. Ruud Feltkamp is the current CEO of Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform where one can trade, manage your digital assets portfolio, can get access to automated bots, and can navigate through the volatile crypto market all within a single interface.

As of 2022 Cryptohopper bots are supported on the following 16 exchange platforms

  1. Bybit
  2. EXMO
  3. OKX
  4. Bitpanda Pro
  5. Bitvavo
  6. HitBTC
  7. Huobi Pro
  8. Bittrex
  9. Binance
  11. Coinbase Pro
  12. Poloniex
  13. Bitfinex
  14. Kraken
  15. KuCoin

Essential features of Cryptohopper

  • Automated Trading

Cryptohopper allows users to trade using bots, these bots are specially designed and programmed to trade efficiently in different market conditions. These bots have the ability to work 24/7 without a break. Cryptohopper says trade using bots because ‘bots don’t need sleep’. And when bots don’t sleep they never miss out on the favorable trade opportunities that may arise.

It is not possible for a human to continuously trade, because humans need sleep, they need time to consume food and they also have other things. But these bots can work tirelessly giving you the best profits that you can achieve.

These bots can be used by beginners, as these bots themselves work as professional traders. They can help you minimize the losses and maximize your profits.

  • Exchange arbitrage

Arbitrage is a situation when the price of the same commodity is different in different markets. Using Cryptohopper you can analyse between different exchange platforms and can take advantage of price differentials over different exchange platforms and can buy from where the prices are lowest and sell at a slightly higher price on other platforms. The difference will be your profit.

  • Market-making bot

These bots are specially programmed to suit any market conditions, you can switch between different market strategies that will suit different market conditions according to the market trends. In this way, your bot will be fluent in all prevailing market conditions allowing you to maximize your profits.

  • Mirror trading

Mirror trading, also known as copy trading is a technique by which users can copy the trade strategies of some other user and paste them into their trade. It is very beneficial for new traders as it allows them to mirror the trading strategies of an expert trader.

Using this feature one need not to know about trading, as all you need to do is to copy someone else’s strategies and your trading will work as per the same strategy.

  • Paper trading

Paper trading allows you to have a demo account or a practice account. This enables you to practice trade without actually owning any cryptocurrency or creating an exchange platform. This helps the new traders to learn and explore more features over cryptohopper and trading.

  • Strategy designer

Strategy designer comes with more than 130 indicators and candle patterns to choose from, enabling you to develop your technical analysis and get the best buy and sell signals from your strategies.

  • Hopper Academy

Hopper Academy is an integrated video library that can be easily accessed on the cryptohopper website. This video library consists videos regarding how to use cryptohopper and gives more information about cryptocurrency and blockchains. Any new trader can learn techniques and methods of how to use cryptohopper in different situations. The videos are available in multiple languages like French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and many more to help native speakers understand better.

  • Interactive community

The cryptohopper has its community over discord and telegram where one can ask any queries. The community is always very active and interactive.

  • Back Testing

Back Testing is a feature that allows users to run and check if their configurations for the bot are working well or not. Then they can change the configuration according to their needs and test the configuration again.

  • Market place

The cryptohopper has its marketplace, this marketplace consists of templates and strategies. Here, you can select the strategy of your choice and mirror the strategy. As mentioned earlier, using the mirror trading feature one can easily copy the trading strategies of another experienced user to get more profits. This is very good for beginners. Few traders sell their strategies free of cost whereas some charge for their strategies.

You can also sell your own strategy over the marketplace to some less experienced trader.

How to use cryptohopper bot?

Using Cryptohopper is very easy and compromises of only three steps :

  • Create your account

Firstly, you need to access And click on ‘start here’ there you have to provide your details like username, email and password to create a new account. An account activation email will be sent to your provided email account.

  • Configure your bot

The next thing is to set up your automated trading bot, you need to set up few operating processes within which the bot will work. You can configure your bot using the cryptohopper wizard. There you can select the exchanges where you want to do trading. The process might sound a little complex but is a lot easier when you start doing it.

  • Begin trading

This is the last step, now after you’ve set up your bot, provide your bot with your API keys, you can receive your API keys from the exchange platform you use and then you can paste the keys on your bot. In this way, your bot can easily make trades on your behalf.

Pricing for Cryptohopper

There are 4 plans under Cryptohopper :

Cryptohopper Pioneer

  • 20 positions
  • Portfolio Management
  • Manual trading
  • All available exchanges
  • Price – 0.00$ per month

Cryptohopper Explorer

  • 50 positions
  • Portfolio management
  • Manual trading
  • All available exchanges
  • Price – 19.99$ per month

Cryptohopper Adventurer

  • 200 positions
  • Portfolio management
  • Manual trading
  • All available exchanges
  • Price – 49.99$ per month

Cryptohopper Hero

  • 500 positions
  • Portfolio management
  • Manual trading
  • All coins for signals
  • Market arbitrage
  • Algorithm Intelligence
  • Price – 99.99$ per month

Pros and cons of Cryptohopper


  • No commission charged on trading except the monthly plan.
  • Top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are available.
  • Bots are super easy to configure.
  • High level market analysis tools.
  • Automated bots that can work tirelessly.
  • Cryptohopper mobile app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • There is no live chat support.
  • The free plan has limited features.

The cryptohopper is very useful for new beginners, this platform is considered the best for new traders because of its feature-rich bots that are programmed to overcome any prevailing market conditions. There are many features that can make your trading journey easy. The bots can work at a pace and duration that is impossible for a human body when you trade all the time you don’t miss out on the opportunities for profits therefore you get more and more profits.

The cryptohopper provides a balance by helping the new beginners allowing them to copy the strategies from an experienced trader and helping the professional traders by providing them with an integrated platform to cure every problem and take their trading to the next level. In this way, cryptohopper proves the best for beginners and also for experienced traders.