Demand for Starbucks’ NFTs is high

Starbucks NFTs are high in demands

Starbucks’ “Journey Stamps” are selling well, with a starting price of $2,000 for one NFT collection.

Members and staff members are frantically trading Starbucks Odyssey NFTs. The coffee conglomerate opened the Beta experience to a select group of US participants in December. The Starbucks “Holiday Cheer Edition 1” stamp has steadily increased in sales volume over the past month to over $100,000.

According to Nifty Gateway, the most recent “Holiday Cheer Edition 1” stamp sold for $1,9000. This NFT has 5,000 editions, and the Stamp grants access to a variety of benefits and immersive coffee experiences.

How does Starbucks’ NFTs work?

The Polygon blockchain is where Starbucks Odyssey NFTs are stored. Furthermore, you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency to buy Stamps with a credit card. The Odyssey experience was initially made available to a small group of Starbucks customers and staff. The floor price of the “Holiday Cheer Edition 1” stamp has risen to over $2,000 as the number of owners continues to rise.

Members will, in essence, be invited to participate in the Starbucks Odyssey experience in order to gain access to it. To gain access, they must first use their Starbucks Rewards login. After that, they finish a set of interactive activities known as “Journeys.”

Members will receive a collectible “Journey Stamp” (a Polygon-based NFT) when a Journey is finished. In addition, if you own a Journey Stamp, you can keep it and benefit from it or sell it on the market.

Starbucks Odyssey assortments

By and large, there are four Starbucks Odyssey NFT assortments.

  • Presently, ‘Seasonal joy Version 1’ is the most famous assortment with merchants. Taking into account it was the very first Starbucks drop, gatherers might be estimating the future worth of the assortment. Plus, the assortment might hold wistful worth with Starbucks individuals and workers particularly.
  • With respect to the next three assortments, exchanging volume is negligible in the examination. As a matter of fact, the floor cost for ‘Espresso Legacy’ is $225, ‘Bean to Cup’ is $85, and the latest assortment ‘Doing Great’ is $60.

One thing is for sure, Starbucks knows how to connect with its local area. For sure, the organization is onboarding a great many of its individuals into Web3 in a tomfoolery and consistent way. Also, the organization intends to use Web3 as an expansion of its well-known rewards plot – so look out for more restricted release Stamps sooner rather than later.