Let’s know: How many stocks are on NewYork Stock Exchange

NYSE - NewYork stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world’s largest stock exchange for buying and selling stocks. The NYSE, which is owned by Intercontinental Exchange and is located on Wall Street in New York City, has a history of more than 200 years. The majority of the world’s largest, most well-known, and prestigious companies choose to list their shares on the stock exchange. Let’s know how many stocks are listed on the NYSE and how does New York Stock Exchange works?

What are the New York Stock Exchange’s trading hours?

The New York Stock Exchange is usually open during the week and closed on weekends. Each day, trading begins at 9:30 a.m.

The NYSE observes certain US federal holidays each year, as shown in the table below. The NYSE also has half-day sessions on two days each year: the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (if it falls on a weekday and if the regular Christmas holiday is observed on Dec. 25). The market opens at 9:30 a.m. ET but closes early at 1 p.m. ET during those half-day sessions.

How many stocks are on NYSE?

Over 2,800 companies, ranging from blue chips to fast-growing startups, are traded on the exchange. As the NYSE strives to maintain its reputation for trading strong, high-quality securities, each listed company must meet stringent requirements.

The major players on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, which operates as a continuous auction floor trading stock exchange, are specialists and brokers.

Brokers work for investment firms and trade on behalf of their clients or for the company itself. The broker walks around the trading floor, delivering ‘buy and sell orders to the specialists. Depending on their trading volume, each specialist stands in one spot on the floor and deals in one or more specific stocks.

Let’s go through the list – How many stocks are on NYSE?

Companies listed on the NYSE

Company NameSymbolChartPriceChange% ChangeVolume
Alcoa CorporationAA62.36+3.91+6.69%8,071,270
AbbVie IncABBV134.89-0.34-0.25%8,630,341
Ambev SAABEV2.59-0.01-0.38%14,488,867
AEGON Insurance GroupAEG5.55+0.28+5.31%10,758,113
AMC Entertainment Holdings IncAMC23.00+0.54+2.38%49,480,090
Yamana Gold IncAUY3.90+0.04+1.04%14,032,069
Boeing CoBA215.50+4.16+1.97%9,526,445
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedBABA129.76+3.13+2.47%38,113,003
Bank of America CorporationBAC49.18+1.05+2.18%59,102,564
Banco Bradesco SABBD3.57+0.08+2.29%37,467,081
KE Holdings IncBEKE20.85+1.92+10.14%11,715,196
Bristol Myers Squibb CoBMY62.83+1.35+2.20%16,669,963
BP PlcBP29.68+0.87+3.02%16,171,794
Citigroup IncC65.78+0.87+1.34%26,548,165
Carnival CorpCCL21.91+0.84+3.96%37,140,598
ChargePoint Holdings IncCHPT16.89-0.46-2.65%8,711,861
Chewy IncCHWY48.62-4.27-8.07%8,171,871
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CemigCIG2.20+0.04+1.85%7,931,687
Cleveland Cliffs IncCLF23.36+0.06+0.26%13,610,456
Compass IncCOMP8.53+0.14+1.67%8,672,820
Castlight Health IncCSLT2.04+0.01+0.25%12,408,696
Coterra Energy IncCTRA21.55+1.09+5.33%8,800,492
Cenovus Energy IncCVE13.70+0.14+1.03%7,669,584
Chevron CorporationCVX125.03+1.77+1.44%14,164,641
Delta Air Lines IncDAL41.51+1.40+3.49%13,941,560
DiDi Global IncDIDI4.51-0.19-4.07%25,621,053
Walt Disney CoDIS157.85+0.95+0.61%9,554,622
Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings IncDNA6.82-0.08-1.16%10,333,087
Devon Energy CorpDVN48.89+0.52+1.08%15,611,863
New Oriental Education and Technology Group IncEDU1.85-0.02-1.07%21,857,491
Energy Transfer LPET9.24+0.16+1.74%21,862,142
Ford Motor CompanyF24.44-0.02-0.08%127,017,882
Freeport McMoRan IncFCX41.89+1.36+3.36%16,974,553
General Motors CompanyGM62.27-0.60-0.95%17,136,110
GameStop Corp Holding CompanyGME140.60+9.57+7.30%12,137,305
Barrick Gold CorporationGOLD18.10+0.08+0.44%12,787,549
Gap IncGPS18.12-0.44-2.37%9,110,503
Halliburton CoHAL26.02+0.41+1.60%8,115,126
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CompanyHPE17.13+0.16+0.94%10,482,700
Iamgold CorporationIAG2.79-0.07-2.45%7,875,536
Icici Bank LtdIBN21.73+0.58+2.74%9,931,754
Itau Unibanco Holding SAITUB3.98+0.13+3.38%36,544,616
Invesco Mortgage Capital IncIVR2.99+0.06+1.88%10,407,560
JP Morgan Chase and CoJPM167.19+1.67+1.01%13,913,345
Kinross Gold CorporationKGC5.44+0.08+1.49%13,045,475
Kinder Morgan IncKMI17.27+0.25+1.47%17,813,764
Coca Cola CompanyKO60.33-0.14-0.23%12,305,785
Kosmos Energy LtdKOS4.33+0.06+1.29%7,691,303
Kroger CoKR48.12+1.00+2.12%8,668,885
Kohls CorporationKSS48.22-0.80-1.63%7,612,724
Lufax Holding LtdLU5.36+0.10+1.90%9,998,187
Lumen Technologies IncLUMN13.78+0.75+5.72%14,046,481
Lloyds Banking Group PlcLYG2.84+0.02+0.71%10,378,946
Macys IncM26.36-0.38-1.42%10,372,477
Altria Group IncMO49.77+0.56+1.14%8,098,680
Merck and Co IncMRK80.30+1.47+1.86%15,206,238
Marathon Oil CorpMRO18.25+0.22+1.19%16,403,305
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LtdNCLH22.20+0.86+4.03%22,033,898
NextEra Energy IncNEE86.42+0.65+0.76%13,359,257
NIO IncNIO29.310.000.00%40,781,546
Annaly Capital Management IncNLY8.01+0.04+0.50%16,887,367
Nokia CorpNOK6.10-0.03-0.41%25,342,458
OneSmart International Education Group LimitedONE0.29+0.02+5.53%34,986,203
Oracle CorpORCL87.50+1.16+1.34%9,835,053
Occidental Petroleum CorporationOXY33.22+0.46+1.40%14,884,484
Petroleo Brasileiro ADRPBR11.01+0.18+1.65%22,490,765
PG&E CorporationPCG12.20+0.38+3.21%16,092,483
Pfizer IncPFE55.72+0.88+1.60%27,703,467
Pinterest IncPINS32.42-0.27-0.83%8,246,291
Palantir Technologies IncPLTR16.56-0.18-1.08%37,989,265
Roblox CorporationRBLX84.37-4.83-5.41%25,003,559
Regions Financial CorporationRF25.12+0.53+2.16%11,494,108
Transocean LtdRIG3.31+0.05+1.53%7,902,305
Skillz IncSKLZ6.09+0.05+0.83%10,955,782
Schlumberger LtdSLB35.03+0.98+2.88%14,335,008
Snap IncSNAP41.35-0.33-0.79%15,715,932
Virgin Galactic Holdings IncSPCE12.45+0.67+5.69%15,906,260
Block IncSQ141.54-3.12-2.16%9,426,004
Southwestern EnergySWN4.45+0.01+0.23%14,116,577
AT&T IncT26.30+0.19+0.71%74,147,529
Tal Education GroupTAL3.42-0.08-2.29%11,994,752
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LtdTEVA8.86+0.34+3.99%10,750,390
Tencent Music Entertainment GroupTME6.74+0.15+2.28%12,088,166
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co LtdTSM123.51-4.96-3.86%21,247,434
Twitter IncTWTR39.67+0.08+0.20%14,669,576
Uber Technologies IncUBER41.51-0.53-1.25%24,950,831
United Microelectronics CorpUMC11.02-0.49-4.26%12,202,031
Visa IncV216.98-2.77-1.26%10,702,089
Vale SAVALE14.81+0.80+5.71%45,638,848
Vipshop Holdings LtdVIPS8.92+0.63+7.60%13,620,145
Verizon Communications IncVZ54.25+0.49+0.91%26,512,593
Wells Fargo and CompanyWFC54.79+1.16+2.16%35,149,255
Williams Companies IncWMB28.01+0.57+2.08%8,981,481
Western Union CompanyWU19.01+0.67+3.65%7,736,909
US Steel CorpX25.40+0.63+2.54%15,564,121
Exxon Mobil CorpXOM68.88+0.56+0.82%23,985,450
XPeng IncXPEV45.06-1.60-3.43%10,044,714
Full Truck Alliance Co LtdYMM8.29+0.22+2.73%8,506,667

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and its operations

The New York Stock Exchange serves two main purposes:

• It serves as a central marketplace for stock purchases and sales.

• It allows businesses to list their stock and raise funds from potential investors.

The NYSE is a stock exchange where members can trade stock in publicly traded companies. On the exchange trading floor, traders used to call out their buy and sell orders to each other. A trade occurs when a buyer and a seller agree on a price. The exchange would then report the transactions, providing transparency and allowing for efficient market operations.

With the advent of electronic trading, NYSE-run computers are now in charge of matching buyers and sellers in real-time. The system, however, continues to work in the same way, with investors placing orders specifying the price at which they are willing to buy or sell.

Although most investors aren’t NYSE members, many of the brokerage firms that allow them to invest in stocks are. When a brokerage customer orders trade in an NYSE-listed stock, the brokerage company sends the order to its NYSE trading operations, which handle the trade execution and follow the customer’s instructions.

The NYSE also serves as a clearinghouse for companies looking to raise funds by selling stock. Companies that want to list their stock on the New York Stock Exchange must meet both the SEC’s disclosure requirements for publicly traded companies and the NYSE’s specific listing requirements. Young companies frequently seek to list their initial public offerings on the NYSE in order to gain the prestige of having their stock traded alongside that of many of the world’s most well-known corporations.