BitBox02 Review: How to setup BitBox02 hardware wallet

Bitbox 02 Review

Bitbox is a well-known hardware wallet manufactured by the popular Swiss company Shift Cryptosecurity. The wallets come with a simple and sophisticated design that uses in-built touch sliders and doesn’t include any buttons. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface that is user-friendly. Overall, Bitbox supports more than 1500 cryptocurrencies.

This hardware wallet offers two different types of options for backup such as an SD card as well as a Steel wallet apocalypse. Bitbox have a USB-C port that has been attached to the device which are also available for the USB-A. The hardware wallet also comes with the secure chips for protecting it from any physical damage. It also uses several measures to make sure that the device is completely safe. However, today we are going to talk about BitBox02, which is the second hardware wallet from its manufacturer Swiss company.

BitBox02 Hardware Wallet Overview

Those who are not well aware of Hardware wallets are the offline devices that are used to store cryptocurrencies and BitBox wallets are one of those. It mainly comes with two versions are BitBox01 and BitBox02. However, BitBox02 also comes with two different types of editions such as Bitcoin only (only support Bitcoin) and multicurrency.

As the name suggests, the multicurrency-edition wallets of BitBox02 support a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, and other well-known digital curries such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more.

In addition to that, both the editions of the Bitbox02 can be available at 109 EUR price in the current date and can be ordered from the manufacturer itself directly. When it comes to its software, the difference between BitBox02 editions can be observed easily.

BitBox02 Hardware Wallet: How to setup?

In order to use your BitBox02 hardware wallet, you have to first set it up and for that you must download the BitBoxApp. The best thing about BitBoxApp is that it is compatible with various platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It doesn’t matter whwther you use the device with Wasabi or else with Electrum, you still need to install the firmware updates at first. So, installing BitBoxApp is necessary in every situation.

Once you have plugged your BitBox02 app, you have to insert the microSD card into the BitBox02 and connect it to your device such as your computer or your smartphone on which you have installed your BitBox app. After that all you have to do is to simply follow the guidelines and the instructions of the software and then perform the set-up. This consists of an update of the firmware and after that you will also have to set up a device password. In addition to that, you can also create a new account or else you can also import a current one. The process is fast and simple if you already have an account created with a BitBox and also have the backup on the SD card. However, the accounts of external hardware wallets can also easily be restored.

As soon as you have created an account, the backup gets saved on the SD card automatically. After the backup, it is suggested for keeping the micro-SD card from the BitBox separately, only if you want to manage the backups.

Because the backup has not been protected by a password, it is quite essential for securely storing the SD card. With the help of this, it gives access to the SD card as well as to the cryptocurrencies to everyone.  After that, you can also display the recovery key which can be formed in the settings in the form of 24 words. Since it is not that necessary to write down the backup by yourself, however, it is still stored on the SD card, and the setup for this is very simple, fast and convenient as well. In addition to that, its easy handling creates the procedure quite easy.

BitBox02 Review

Built and Appearance

BitBox02 wallets are made by the polycarbonate material which makes it durable, long-lasting and tough. It has sleek design and doesn’t include any buttons. Its in-built sensors are around its edges. It features a card slot where you can easily insert a micro SDCard for the backup.

With the help of its three simple gestures such as Slide, Tap, and Hold, the users can easily use its in-built touch sensors. ‘Tap’ is usually for navigating and select while ‘Slide’ is for verifying your address. Last but not the least, ‘Hold’ is for avoiding any kind of accidental transaction.

Hardware & Connectivity

Talking about its hardware, Bitbox usually uses the ATSAMD51J20A micro-controller. In addition to that, they can also use a true random number generator in order to increase the security. Additionally, for protecting against any kind of physical damage, the secure chip ATECC608A is used.

Now talking about BitBox02 connectivity, it has a USB-C port that is attached to the device itself. Furthermore, it also offers a USB C to A adaptor as well.

Compatibility & Price

As far as the compatibility of BitBox02 is considered, it can be available for all the major operating systems such as Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

As of now, the prices of BitBox02 for both of the variants or editions are same and it available at 109 EUR which in US Dollar makes it price value at $132.

Backup & Cryptocurrency Support

It is very important to create a backup for restoring your funds for such cases when your device might get lost. You can easily use an SD card for backing up all the information or details that are present in the hardware wallet.

Overall, BitBox02 wallets usually support more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and it comes in two editions. The ‘Bitcoin-only’ edition of BitBox02 supports the largest cryptocurrency in the world i.e. Bitcoin and reduces the attack surface on it. On the other hand, as the name suggests, the multicurrency-edition wallets, support several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. It is also the second hardware wallet from the Shift Cryptosecurity company.


Overall, BitBox02 is a secure hardware wallet that offers an easy and user-friendly application for managing your assets in the best secure way. The wallet is also very easy to use and set-up. It lets you to manage as well as update your Bitbox devices as well. Its application is compatible with Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux and is available in several different languages as well such as English, French, Hindi, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Chinese, among others.

BitBox02 is also trustworthy as it is developed by one of the popular and reputed Swiss company named Shift Cryptosecurity. The wallet is also very easy to use and set-up. They also use a number of secure measures for ensuring the device’s security. In addition to that, they also offer the Universal Two Factor (U2F) support along with providing robust backup options as well.