NFT Media Play Receives Over $7 Million in New Funding from Orange Comet

NFT Media Play receives Funding

The digital entertainment platform intends to broaden the scope of its well-known offerings.

According to the document submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the studio behind Anthony Hopkins’ “The Descendants” NFT collection, Los Angeles-based NFT entertainment company Orange Comet, raised $7.24 million through the sale of equity options.

Orange Comet’s digital collectibles website, which went live in 2021, features collections for AMC shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Interview with the Vampire,” and “Mayfair Witches,” as well as Hopkins.

Broome explains that Orange Comet’s goal is to welcome Web3 newcomers and enthusiasts into the NFT experience.

“How do you initially appeal to and attract Web3’s core enthusiasts?” by providing them with high-quality content, he stated. a project with a real, unflinching roadmap, where they can see where something is going, and that is expanding beyond the initial launch.”

Broome stated, “I want to get the next million people in.” That is our goal.

Even though Broome claims that he wants to engage fans with high-quality projects, having a community that engages fans is just as important as having a triple-A console game.

The legendary Anthony Hopkins released his first NFT collection, “The Eternal,” on Orange Comet in October 2022.

According to Broome, over 100 individuals were able to meet with the Oscar winner via Zoom chat. “What’s interesting is [Hopkins] was so enthusiastic about learning about Web3 himself that he was able to bring the fans in.”

Broome asserts that there are opportunities to be had despite the ongoing crypto winter, which includes layoffs and project closures.

He stated, “The pretenders, scammers, bad artists, and everyone else in that category will disappear in a bear market and a down market.” One of the benefits of this connection is that there is opportunity in this market.

According to Broome, the NFTs market should no longer be speculative in the future, with collectors no longer purchasing NFTs with the intention of flipping them for profit.

He stated, “I think that’s broken.” That doesn’t take into account what blockchain technology is and where it can go, in my opinion.