Let’s know about the Top 10 Anime PFP NFT Projects

Anime PFP NFT Projects

NFTs are probably something you’ve heard of unless you’ve been completely cut off from pop culture news for the past two years. With the help of Anime PFP NFTs, their popularity has grown to the point where nearly $41 billion in cryptocurrency was traded on the NFT marketplace in 2021.

This style of art is really cool because it combines different kinds of art from around the world into fun digital formats. For instance, do you enjoy anime and want to learn more about the digital world of NFTs? Are you looking for ways to show how much you care about them both?

Anime-propelled NFT undertakings may be what you’re searching for. We have compiled a list of the top ten NFT projects based on anime. They will allow you to explore some interesting virtual spaces and help you take your anime PFP to new heights. These projects will enthrall anime fans with their amazing alien characters and manga art.

Find out which style you like by reading on; You will quickly change your profile picture. Or, at the very least, you’ll end up investing in one anime NFT. An enticing offer to own a piece of digital anime art is hard to refuse.

What Is Anime PFP?

An anime profile picture is referred to as an Anime PFP. On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, people use anime artwork to showcase their anime fandom.

Due to the numerous anime characters available, many fans enjoy collecting anime PFPs. Everyone addresses something else. Simple cartoon-style artwork of a particular character may appear in some anime PFPs. Fan art that combines multiple characters is intricate in other anime PFPs that are more complex. The possibilities are almost limitless.

The popularity of the trend is further bolstered by the fact that anime PFPs come in a wide variety of colors and designs. PFPs for anime continue to be popular among anime fans all over the world, whether they are done out of necessity (to remain anonymous online) or as a fun way to attract attention.

Top 10 Anime-Inspired NFT Projects

Anime Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) offer anime fans something very interesting to investigate. NFTs allow viewers to enjoy anime in a completely new way, regardless of whether they prefer traditional anime art or contemporary anime with extremely realistic graphics.

Fans can purchase collectible anime content, such as vibrant skins and exclusive artwork based on well-known franchise characters, using these digital tokens. Fans of anime can benefit from access to exclusive content and appreciate the variety of anime styles by collecting anime NFTs.

The fact that anime NFTs provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans of all genres to acquire exclusive pieces from their favorite anime worlds is what makes them so appealing.

The following is a list of some of the top ten most recent anime-inspired NFT projects, in case you are interested in NFTs from anime but are unsure where to begin.


The cutting-edge Metaverse brand Azuki was developed by the enigmatic Chiru Labs quartet. Since its launch, it has been making headlines. The Garden, their cutting-edge virtual world, debuted in January 2022. Over 10,000 anime avatars have been tokenized and sold as NFTs since that time.

It was a noteworthy accomplishment as the whole assortment’s worth swelled to $29M in deals when they sold out in minutes. A few days later, another $2 million was purchased privately.

However, what makes these NFTs so unique? Their distinctive design Specifically, Azuki’s art is intentionally anti-establishment; Crypto enthusiasts adore the rebellious attitude that its skateboarder aesthetic conveys.

Azuki characters come in a wide range of guises, including male and female versions with a variety of hair colors and skin tones. This makes it great whether you want a PFP for a boy or a girl from an anime. You have a lot of choices.

Azukis are one-of-a-kind collectibles in the NFT space due to the unique distribution of Azuki’s distinctive characteristics and attributes.


0N1 Force is a remarkable collection of one-of-a-kind, non-fungible tokens created by artist IMCMPLX. These 7,777 otherworldly warriors are unlike any other piece of art because they have possessed eyes, bomber jackets, cat ears, and a variety of other characteristics.

These 2D side-profile manifestations have become famous among workmanship sweethearts, craftsmen, and VIPs. Even Gary Vaynerchuk and Steve Aoki have purchased the NFTs because they are so popular. They have either collected the one-of-a-kind beauty of the 0N1 Force digital art or used it as their profile picture.

As a result, the 0N1 Force community has developed a substantial lore surrounding these mesmerizing creatures, making them an immersive experience for fans of fine art and mythology. This NFT might be right for you if you like the idea of combining anime and warriors.


The Kiwami NFT art project is an ongoing creative endeavor that celebrates the Metaverse’s beauty. It gives a voice to a diverse and thriving community of artists, builders, and visionaries who break rules and use cryptographically secure tokens to change design and art.

Kiwami’s collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aims to empower crypto-artists in their creative endeavors by connecting them with real-world and Metaverse crypto-artists. The NFTs feature hundreds of distinctive visual characteristics created by an anonymous Japanese team of street art “mavericks,” as they refer to themselves.

By combining traditional Japanese anime art styles with other modalities like urban pop art and cyber-kinetic digital styles with each piece they produce, they are contributing to the pervasive influence of this new wave culture.


On the Tezos blockchain, the Karafuru NFT collection is a one-of-a-kind release. It was created in collaboration with WD. The Museum of Toys in Jakarta, Indonesia, WILLY, the Urban Sneaker Society, and others.

These PFP anime NFTs are wonderful. A lively set of animal cartoons that are brimming with color and humor are included in this outstanding collection of NFTs. Visitors are encouraged to enter Karafurus’ world, a joyful place where colors take center stage.

The designs for the artwork also bear some resemblances to Japanese animation for viewers. However, this collection is distinct enough to differentiate itself from others. This collection has something for everyone, with colorful illustrations and interesting characters.

The backstory behind each of the 12 character variations is different. This adds to the allure of putting resources into these NFTs, as they feel practically like genuine characters. There is something for everyone, with over 1,000 possible combinations of characteristics.

Inventive names like Egao, Shi’rai, Kuyaku, Futo, and Kiba carry life to each person through their vivid characters. Their natural highlights, from unpredictable body structures to looks to dress, give each character an individualistic style and a scope of feelings.


Shinsei Galverse is a remarkable NFT craftsmanship assortment on the Ethereum blockchain that was delivered in April 2022. It was so well received that it sold out in five hours.

With hundreds of traits and a variety of rarities, this 8,888 PFP visual universe has a distinct anime look influenced by the 1980s. The meaning of the artwork lies in its depiction of beauty and fragility in life as 8,888 gals attempt to bring peace to the galaxy through space and time.

However, this NFT goes beyond digital art. A Shinsei performance is on the horizon. Shinsei hopes to launch an anime series as the first Web3 community. Makers pitched the idea to significant studios through a pilot project prior to changing into full creation as of late.


PXN: The NFT collection Ghost Division is fascinating. It is created by the Nanopass team, and each of its ten thousand GHOST NFTs serves as an identification card that entitles its holders to exclusive access to the Phantom Network.

Owners of GHOST NFTs, which function as digital keys, are able, according to the creators, to unlock utility tokens within the PXN ecosystem. This includes a crypto marketplace where physical goods can be traded with virtual currency and exclusive clubrooms for crypto communities.

In any case, the craftsmanship style is charming and alluring for gatherers of NFT workmanship, as well. Fans of anime assumed it would be another Azuki shortly before its release. However, the creators of this anime NFT faced criticism upon its release.

Yes, PXN: The Ghost Division NFT artwork is enthralling and draws inspiration from a number of classic video games and anime. PXN’s NFTs feature characters from video games like Overwatch and Genshin Impact as well as characters from anime like Demon Slayer, One Piece, and One Punch Man.

While PXN’s NFT art successfully combines traditional and contemporary elements to produce something distinctive, anime fans quickly pointed out that the artwork resembled characters from previous anime series almost too much. However, not everyone is deterred by this. It’s just something to keep in mind.


On the Ethereum network, an eye-catching collection of artwork was created as non-fungible tokens known as Shonen Junk. OpenSea, which went live in February 2021, now has 9,000 items with an estimated 1.966 unique owners that can be viewed. In addition, this extensive collection has a market capitalization of 440.74 ETH.

But this time, it’s not just about value. It comes down to pure artistic taste.

The vibrant graphics and characters of Shonen Junk, each with a distinct story, have contributed to its rise in popularity. James Lin, a software engineer, and Crunchyroll co-founder, created the NFT collection. This helped come up with the idea for Shonen Junk’s anime PFPs, which could give people who buy or trade Shonen Junk great rewards.


Renga NFT art is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the NFT community and digital artist DirtyRobot’s hand-drawn illustrations. Every NFT is unique due to the distinctive characteristics of each piece. The 900 possible character traits of each image—ranging from motor corporation to agent, ninja to 8-bit cube—further elevate the artwork.

Since even rarer 1/1s from the 11 different archetypes in this universe are available to collectors, it should come as no surprise that these pieces command high prices because they are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and valuable in the art world.

As a brand technique and plan studio situated in Toronto, RENGA likewise cooperates with associations endeavoring to emphatically affect our reality. The conclusion is? You are contributing to the improvement of the world when you invest in Renga NFT art. We call that a win-win situation.


The groundbreaking Akuma Origins project, which connects the digital and physical worlds, is one of a kind. Together with artists like RhymezLikeDimez, Cochise Defaced Studios, and Jack Manifold, co-founder of Akuma Mateo Almonte has produced a collection of 5,555 NFTs.

Through a portal, holders of a Yokai NFT gain access to the project’s realm. Users can create a decentralized brand that is both tangible and transferable online in a true interdimensional experience thanks to this one-of-a-kind merger. Throughout this exciting adventure, the NFT characters represent Yokai, the universe in which they live.

Akuma Origins is a novel experience that combines ambition and imagination and lets you let your imagination take flight through art and technology.


CloneX NFT art is a ground-breaking new idea that will appeal to collectors and virtual environments alike. It was made by RTFKT (articulated “ancient rarity”) and Japanese craftsman Takashi Murakami. In addition to providing you with high-end avatars in the Metaverse, it emphasizes quality and community building.

The innovative way the Clone X project depicts clothing, accessories, and hairstyles has attracted attention. These avatars not only feature a variety of gender-neutral patterns, skin tones, and races, but they also have vitiligo, a skin disease, which adds to the unique appeal of their appearance.

Simply put, it’s a different kind of PFP anime for different people. The gaming community now enjoys an exciting sense of inclusivity and individuality thanks to these avatars. In favor of fair representation, they abandoned traditional beauty standards. Even if you don’t buy this anime PFP, it’s still worth a look.

A few additional Anime PFP NFT Art Projects

The art of anime is extremely diverse, offering a wide variety of styles and methods from which to choose. As we’ve seen, some anime artists prefer more stylized and exaggerated designs to highly realistic and detailed ones. In the NFT space, this diversity is fully demonstrated by the aforementioned anime PFP projects.

Our articles provide readers with an insightful look into the world of NFT art, ranging from anime PFP to digital art. Are you ready to find out more about NFT art? Explore every NFT art article. Keep an eye out for additional information regarding exciting Anime PFP NFT projects!