Top 7 Coinbase Trading Bots for Automated Trading

Top 7 Coinbase Trading Bots

Coinbase Global Incorporation is an American company that deals in cryptocurrencies and operates as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. One of the features of Coinbase includes, that it is a distributed and dispersed company, which means all employees working under Coinbase work and operate at remote locations.

Due to this reason the company doesn’t have any registered headquarters. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. And the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the United States of America in terms of the trading volume.

Coinbase, Inc was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam on June 1, 2012, in San Francisco, California. Coinbase, Inc has Brian Armstrong as CEO. Emilie Choi as COO and Alesia Haas as CFO.

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Products

Coinbase deals in buying, selling, storing, and trading many cryptocurrencies and operates in more than 100 countries. The cryptocurrencies may include BITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, ETHEREUM, ETHEREUM CLASSIC, AND LITECOIN.

Coinbase Pro is a professional asset trading platform to trade digital assets.

Coinbase wallet allows users to access Decentralized crypto apps also known as Dapps using the Dapp browser.

Coinbase NFT is a marketplace where NFT collectors and people who deal in NFT can buy and sell their NFT to each other.

Coinbase Prime is a trading platform for institutional customers.

Coinbase Custody provides specialist-level services for institutions that are holding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Coinbase.

Coinbase USD Coin is a digital stable coin that lets customers give up US dollars in exchange for a cryptocurrency that has the same value as the USD but can be traded more quickly and efficiently

Coinbase Card is a debit Visa card that allows customers to spend cryptocurrency while buying in online stores and retailers (only works for supported retailers)

Coinbase Commerce is a payment service for merchants.

Coinbase Earn is a cryptocurrency learning platform that encourages its users to learn more by rewarding users with small amounts of altcoins for watching videos and taking quizzes to learn more about them.

The Coinbase app can be downloaded on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and also can be accessed on the web.

What is a crypto trading bot?

A cryptocurrency trading bot is software programmed to automatically trade on exchanges. The speed and precision that a trading bot offers are not possible with that of humans. Manually traveling through different trade exchanges, and typing the information for each trade is time taking and the human might make errors. Whereas the bot is able to access the data from the selected user’s accounts and automatically place the order in trades. Making it more effective, efficient, flawless, and less time-consuming.

The bots are programmed in such a way that these bots are capable not only of trading but also construct custom indexing strategies and advanced real-time arbitrage across different exchange platforms. Each trading bot represents the algorithm designed by its developer. Therefore, there are endless possibilities for creation.

How do crypto trading bots work?

Crypto trading bots need access to your account details. You need to share your API keys both public and private with the bot in this way the bot will have access to your authentication. And bot can trade with your name.

API keys are provided by the developers whose services you are using. These keys provide a unique identification to you. In this way, the software can confirm if the request was sent by you or by someone else. Providing API keys to the crypto trading bot will allow it to access and request information in your name.

Top 7 Coinbase Trading Bots to know about

  1.  Bitsgap trading bot

It is a popular trading bot that is programmed with integrated solutions for making the trades more flawless and smooth for you. By using Bitsgap, you can use all your trading accounts inside the same room. Moreover, it supports more than 25 platforms to automate your trading journey ahead.

The platform Bitsgap is programmed with features like portfolio tracking, top-notch tools that can be used on multiple exchanges, arbitrage (to get a price difference from top exchanges), etc.

The pricing for Bitsgap is as follows :

  • Bitsgap Basic – 19$
  • Bitsgap Advanced – 44$
  • Bitsgap Pro – 110$
  • Quadency Bots

It is another trading bot provider that assists you in automating your trading journey on Coinbase. Quadency has about 15 market strategies remarked by professional traders and supports more than 35 crypto exchanges.

Quadency has some unique features including dashboard management, portfolio management, option trading bots, sophisticated charts, and much more. It is also very compatible and easy to use.

The pricing for Quadency is as under :

  • Quadency Lite – Free
  • Quadency Pro – 49$
  • Quadency Unlimited – 99$
  • TradeSanta Bot

It is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading software that is best suited for professional as well as beginner traders. The platform is provided with various technical indicators and bot templates including real-time tracking. It creates central trading strategies both in short term trading and long term trading.

The pricing for TradeSanta is as follows :

  • TradeSanta Basic – 14$
  • TradeSanta Advanced – 20$
  • TradeSanta Maximum – 30$
  • Aluna Social

Aluna Social trading bot can be used with Coinbase. It offers the transparency that aims to deliver to all its users helping them in making fully informed decisions. The platform includes numerous features such as the trader’s social network, the multi-exchange trading experience, the copy trading functionality, and much more.

Aluna comes with some distinctive features like copy trading that will make the same trade as you copy. It also enables sharing of profits and playing games.

  • 3commas

It is one of the best bots suitable for beginners, the bot comes up with plenty of strategies, offers fast speed and massive security, and also comes up with one of the best goodwill in the market. You can easily connect the API keys of Coinbase with 3commas.

The pricing is listed as under :

  • 3commas Free – Free
  • 3commas Starter – 14$
  • 3commas Advanced – 24$
  • 3commas Pro – 49$
  • Pionex

Pionex a crypto exchange with built-in trading bots giving you access to 12 unique training bots at no extra charges. You don’t need to monitor the market at regular intervals because these bots automate the entire thing.

The best thing about Pionex is that it is free of any charge giving you all the features that you need in your automated journey forward. Pionex uses a maker-taker fee phenomenon. You only have to pay when your placed trades make the liquidity in the market. If trade is not matched in the outstanding book then you have to pay the maker fee and if it is matched then you have to pay the taker fee.

  • Crypto Hopper

This is also a cloud-based trading bot, hosting its services entirely on the cloud and storing all the data over the cloud. The bots never suffer from downtime and so you don’t miss any of your profits. The software updates don’t interrupt the working of the bot. Even when you’re not connected to your Internet your bot would be still awake and running.

The pricing for Crypto Hopper is :

  • Crypto Hopper Pioneer – Free
  • Crypto Hopper Explorer – 19$
  • Crypto Hopper Adventurer – 49$
  • Crypto Holder Hero – 99$

How to connect your automated bot with Coinbase?

  • Connect your trading bot with Coinbase.
  • Head up to API management complete authentication and get your API keys
  • Then cut and paste these API keys into your trading bot.

And you’ll be all done.

Concluding, the trading bots make your trading even more easy and compatible, doing it manually you might miss some chances of profit whereas the bots are designed to work in a lot more efficient manner. These bots are programmed to critically analyze the market and then make decisions and they can work for longer hours, hereby helping you collect and generate more profits. If you’re a fan of manual and traditional trading you can do that too but the bots just add the cherry to your cake.