Lolli Review: How to make money by using Lolli App?

What is Lolli? How does it works?

Lolli is an application that allows users to earn bitcoin as a reward when they shop online or at any of the shops they’re partnered with.

Currently, Lolli is partnered with 1000+ top brands to give people the ability to earn bitcoin when they shop. Lolli has partnered with brands like Adidas, Microsoft, Ulta, and more. The main objective of Lolli is to make bitcoin accessible to all. The founders of Lolli Alex Adelman and Matt Senter believe that soon bitcoin will be accepted everywhere and hence people want to earn more bitcoin than spend it.

Lolli Shop was founded on March 1, 2018, by Alex Adelman and Matt Senter. Its headquarter is located in Durham, North Carolina.

Lolli Shopping Review

Lolli is one of the biggest cashback platforms that has gained enormous recognition within a short span of time reason being people interested in cryptocurrency. Lolli is just like ‘Honey’ but a little different as other cashback platforms provide the cashback in terms of money but Lolli provides it in terms of Bitcoins.

The users interested in earning bitcoins can shop online or at retail that is partnered with Lolli to earn a percentage of their purchase as cashback in the form of bitcoin.

The biggest pro that comes with Lolli is that it has partnered with many leading brands. Such brands include:

  • Shein
  • Verizon
  • Microsoft
  • Ulta
  • Samsung
  • Sephora
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Best Buy
  • Ray-Ban
  • Timex
  • Claire’s
  • Udemy
  • Chewy, And more than 1000 + brands.

The users can shop on any of these brands and receive cashbacks, the percentage of return depends from merchant to merchant. They can either use the app or browser to avail of the services or pay using the listed debit/credit card to the retailer.

However, these services are in the USA only.

How to earn free bitcoins with Lolli?

Lolli gives its users bitcoin as a reward when they use their services. The company receives commissions from top merchants they’re partnered with.

 When users shop on any of the partnered merchant brands, Lolli receives a percentage of the sales, then they split or divide the amount received and pay the cashback to the users. The users can earn up to 27% to 30% of their total purchase as bitcoin.

If you are using the extension, when you are on a site supported by Lolli, the extension will notify you and you can click it to earn up to 30% crypto cashback on that purchase. The cashback percentage varies and is transferred to your Lolli wallet where you can later withdraw it to your own Bitcoin wallet once you reach a minimum of $15 (INR 1164). You can also transfer it to your bank account however conversion fees may be charged to convert crypto to cash. The duration of the transfer is around 30 to 90 days. The duration is long because they try to avoid fraud, as some people may buy the things for rewards and then return the items back.

You can also earn free bitcoins from Lolli by opening the app daily and playing Daily Stack, and also earn bitcoin by referring Lolli to a friend.

How does Lolli make money?

Lolli is not a shopping site but a cashback platform, so the question is how does Lolli generate profit for itself? You can’t buy anything from Lolli but if you buy anything from the stores and brands that are listed or partnered with Lolli then you can earn crypto rewards. Lolli partners with leading merchants that pay them when you shop at their stores. Lolli shares a part of that money with you, by sending free bitcoin to your Lolli wallet.

Lolli uses a part of its revenue to pay its customers bitcoin as a reward. And the rest of the amount will be counted in as profit for Lolli.

How to access Lolli?

Lolli is completely free. Users can either directly install Lolli App from App Store and Google Play Store or download the extension on their browser. The extension to Lolli can be used on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

To install Lolli extension :

  • Click on “Get Lolli for Chrome or Edge”
  • Select “Add to Chrome or Edge”
  • Lolli extension will be downloaded and then installed, which you should see on the top right corner of your browser
  • You can sign up with an email and password

Android users can directly install the app from the Play Store and iOS users can install the app from App Stores.

Lolli is currently limited to the United States of America but soon they’ll be expanding to countries like Canada and United Kingdom.