Axie Infinity future price prediction

Axie Infinity coin price prediction

Axie Infinity is a platform where you can play games and earn money. Moreover, you can also buy and sell stuff on the game. 2021 has been a good year for things like NFT, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. These things are receiving an enormous amount of investment on users across the globe. 

Axie Infinity is an online Blockchain-based game built on Ethereum. The game was inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi named video game. It is a battle game where you can train your Axies and breed to fight against others. Axies can create and can take various forms, and you also can customize your Axies.

Axie Infinity is a fully decentralized game with no central authority to govern the game. The Player has the right to vote and give direction to the game. The game also has its virtual currency Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). It is also called the governance token, as you can vote and shape the direction for the game.

What is AXS?

Axie Infinity shard (AXS) is an online cryptocurrency and governance token used in the Axie Infinity platform. Axie Infinity was created by Vietnam based Sky Mavis technology. This company mainly focuses on developing video games for computers. Currently, there are 25 full-time employees in the company. 

AXS token is built on Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain. The token has over 270 million tokens in circulation. AXS token is used in the game for various purposes, including governance, Stalking and payment. Similarly, you can also govern the platform through the vote. The more tokens you have, the more votes you can make and direct the platform.  

Moreover, the token has been listed in various bigger exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, Huobi Global and Bybit. Since the beginning of 2020, the price of Axie Infinity has increased, providing a good return on investment. You can easily buy and trade the token from any significant crypto exchange. 

Price prediction of Axie Infinity by wallet investor

Wallet investor is a financial service provider that provides different types of services related to the stock market, Crypto, Bitcoin and Forex market. Similarly, they also predict the price of Stocks, crypto and other assets. Wallet investor uses a Machine learning algorithm to predict the pricing of crypto, stocks, and Forex pricing. They predict the price of assets using history analysis, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. 

Wallet investors have made some predictions regarding the price of Axie Infinity in the coming year. In the past couple of years, Axie Infinity has performed very well in the market. According to wallet investors, it is expected to perform better in the coming days. Here are some price predictions of Axie Infinity:

Price prediction of Axie Infinity 2023

The Crypto market is a very much volatile market, and there is nothing certain here. Crypto is not backed by fiat or gold, so it doesn’t have real value, so most governments have strict control, and some don’t. Despite having such regulation and control, we can still expect that the price of Axie Infinity will hit more than $110 by 2027.

Price Prediction of Axie Infinity 2025

Over the past year, AXS has provided an average of 100% in return. Moreover, the price of Axie Infinity is expected to increase in the coming years. According to the wallet investor, the cost of Axie Infinity is expected to grow by more than $150 by 2025. The user growth on the platform has also been increasing. So, it is likely to hit $150 by 2025 if it receives the same number of players in the coming days.

Price prediction of Axie Infinity 2030

If we look ten years from now, the Crypto market is expected to hit trillions of dollars. Similarly, many new cryptos are making their appearances in the market. The government may ban the crypto, but they are less likely to ban or ignore the technology made upon Blockchain. According to wallet investors, the price of Axie infinity is expected to hit more than $500 by 2030. 

Price prediction of Axie Infinity 2050

Long term investments are often considered as best investment option if you are investing in the volatile market. However, in the day of rapidly changing technology, it is necessary to consider the future changes before investing in crypto. According to the wallet investor analysis, it is expected that the price of Axie Infinity is likely to hit more than $1000 by 2050. 


Axie Infinity is one of the popular gaming cryptos that has provided a good return on investment last year. It has still the potential to provide a good return on investment in the coming years. Currently, the price of Axie is highly volatile and if you are considering investing in Axie. Then, make sure to do proper analysis before investing. The above predictions are based on past analysis of the Axie Infinity.