FTX token price prediction for upcoming years

FTX price prediction 2027

Blockchain is one of the biggest innovations that could certainly change the financial ecosystem’s future. Blockchain technology involves significantly less medium and is faster efficient, and secure than any other system globally. Similarly, different types of Crypto are changing the financial ecosystem of the company and even the country.

Polygon, Ripple, Stellar, and Ethereum are some of the popular cryptocurrencies that could shape the future of the financial ecosystem. FTX is a similar type of cryptocurrency that aims to provide an easy exchange to trade cryptocurrency. It is a platform where you can buy, sell and trade various types of Crypto in real-time. 

FTX is a future-focused trading platform where you can long or short your position. The platform has over 1 million active users who trade cryptocurrency. FTX exchange is available in different parts of the world, and you can trade over 275 other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the platform also has its own cryptocurrency FTX token; you can also buy and sell this token on their platform. 


FTX is a Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that lets users buy and sell 275 different cryptocurrencies. Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang founded it. FTX was launched on May 8, 2019, and since then, the platform has received more than 1 million users. As of July 2021, the platform’s daily trading volume was more than $10 billion. 

FTX is one of the fastest-growing exchanges that offer trading at a minimal rate. Earlier in July, the platform has raised around $900 million in capital from 60 different investors. Currently, the exchange is valued at a whopping 18 billion dollars. The exchange is presently located in the Bahamas after moving their headquarter from Hong Kong. 

What is an FTX token?

As mentioned earlier, the platform also has its own native currency FTX Token. In the past couple of years, the token has provided a good return on investment. Currently, it has a market capitalization of $5 billion, and it is the 31st largest cryptocurrency according to its market capitalization. Over 138 million FTX coins are in circulation and have a maximum supply of 352,170,015 cash. 

The token has provided more than 4900% return in the last five years. It has an all-time high of $85 and an all-time low of $0.83. Currently, the token is trading below $50 and after the different market crashes. FTX has the potential to skyrocket in the future as it is backed by one of the leading crypto trading exchanges, FTX. 

Price prediction of FTX token

If you plan to invest your money in FTX tokens, this article will work as a guide for you. Here we are going to predict the price of FTX tokens for the next ten years. We are doing this prediction using both fundamental and technical analysis of the token. 

Price prediction of FTX token 2023

FTX has an all-time high of $85 and an all-time low of $0.88. Similarly, any positive news on exchange is likely to affect the price of the FTX token. Currently, the price of the FTX token is $45, and we can expect the price of FTX to hit $80 by 2023. It has already hit this target in the past year, but it was dumped after the market crash. There is a high chance it will hit the resistance of $80 again in 2023.

Price prediction of FTX token 2025

According to our analysis, the price of FTX is likely to hit above $120. We can expect a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $160 by 2025. It has provided an average of 60% in return in the past year. Taking this into consideration, we can expect the price of FTX up to $160 by 2025.

Price Prediction of FTX token 2030

FTX is backed by prominent investors, including Sequoia Capital, soft bank, and third management. This has brought a positive response on the platform, on the token, and the rise of the token. FTX can provide a good investment return if you plan to invest long term. By 2030 the price of FTX tokens is likely to skyrocket above $200 and below $500. 


FTX is one of the leading crypto exchanges that provide effortless buying and selling of Crypto on its platform. FTX native token is another thing that has caught the attention of many investors. It has offered an excellent return on investment to their investor in the past couple of years. The token is still undervalued and expected to skyrocket in the future. 

The Crypto market is highly volatile and has lots of uncertainties. The prediction is made from analysis similar to other tokens. Moreover, we have also analyzed the past chart and performance of the token. I hope that the article has helped you know more about the Token and future investment.