Fortmatic Wallet Review: Is it worth Web 3.0 Dapps?

Fortmatic Wallet Review: Is it worth Web 3.0 Dapp

What is a Fortmatic Wallet?

Fortmatic is a hot wallet to store your Ethereum. Fortmatic is a user-friendly wallet that allows you to access your Ethereum from anywhere without letting your crypto wallet access your UX. Fortmatic is a versatile crypto wallet that allows users to access their Ethereum tokens and use decentralized apps from their Ethereum addresses.

One doesn’t need to install a browser extension to access the Fortmatic wallet. What makes this browser different from others is that you don’t have to remember the seed phrase to access the wallet, you just need your phone number or email address for authentication. You can access Fortmatic from your mobile phone,  laptop or PC using any modern browser.

Fortmatic was founded by Sean Li in 2018. Fortmatic is an Ethereum Defi wallet that supports Ethereum and all ERC20-enabled tokens. It has no native token and there’s no version of the cold wallet of Fortmatic. It is only available as a hot wallet as a virtual crypto wallet and not a physical crypto wallet. It stores all its data over the cloud. Fortmatic app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Fortmatic is recommended to be used by connecting to popular decentralized exchanges, like Zerion, Uniswap or Opensea, rather than as a standalone wallet.

Fortmatic has now changed its name to Magic.

Fortmatic is a replacement for other wallets like Metamask. It is easy to use for beginners. According to Fortmatic it takes only 22 steps for a user to complete his first transaction, Fortmatic developer’s goal is to reduce these steps to make it more convenient for beginners.

Unlike Metamask, Fortmatic doesn’t require a specific browser extension to be used. Any user over the web or phone can easily access Fortmatic. According to Fortmatic, 65% of its daily users use the app through mobile phones. This increased flexibility and convenience.

Features of Fortmatic

  • Developer-Friendly

It is very easy for developers to integrate Dapps over Fortmatic. They just need to copy and paste a few codes.

Fortmatic Javascript SDK allows you to easily integrate your app with the Ethereum blockchain, either you already have a Dapp integrated with web 3 or you are starting from scratch.

  • Security

In other wallets, hackers download the private keys of the user and crack them using their hardware that makes it harder to detect.

Fortmatic has a hardware security module (HSM) which is a security mechanism. With this the hackers even when they’ve successfully downloaded the private keys need to crack them within the organization’s hardware, in this way their progress can be detected and interrupted. This minimizes the chances of theft and fraud reducing losses.

  • Partners of Fortmatic

Has partnered with many top projects to ensure a better trading journey.

  1. Democracy Earth
  2. Zerion
  3. Set
  4. Cent
  5. Uniswap
  6. Pool together
  7. Relay
  8. Bancor
  9. OpenSea
  10. Airswap
  11. 1inch
  12. Footbattle
  13. DeltaTime
  14. Super Rare
  15. Local cryptos
  16. 3 Box
  17. DDEX
  18. Fulcrum
  19. DeFi Saver
  20. Spider DEX
  21. Augur
  22. Bamboorelay
  23. Dragonereum
  24. Mythereum
  25. Torque

And many more coming soon.

How to use Fortmatic using Airswap

To start with Fortmatic use a Fortmatic enables decentralized app. We are using Airswap :

Access Airswap using the provided link:

  • Tap on ‘connect wallet’ visible on the screen to get started.
  • You can see all the available and supported wallets on the screen.
  • Select Fortmatic
  • Set up your Fortmatic account.
  • Fortmatic will ask for your email address and contact number.
  • Verification code will be sent to your provided email address or contact number.
  • Copy and paste the authentication code.
  • Secure it with a password.

That’s all one need to do to set up their Fortmatic wallet on any decentralized exchange.

Pricing for Fortmatic

  • Fortmatic Free

Price – $0 per month

  1. Up to 250 Active Users
  2. Unlimited signups!
  3. Default Widget
  4. Multi-factor support
  5. Works with web3.js & ethers.js
  6. EVM compatible
  7. Up to 100,000 requests/day
  8. Community support channel
  • Fortmatic Developer

Price – 79$ per month

  1. 1,000 Active Users
  2. All Free plan benefits, plus:
  3. Custom Theme Widget
  4. Up to 500,000 requests/day
  5. Private group support channel
  • Fortmatic Growth

Price – 327$

  1. 2,500 Active Users
  2. All Developer plan benefits, plus:
  3. Multi-blockchain support
  4. Up to 1,500,000 requests/day
  5. Dedicated 1-on-1 support channel
  6. 24hr support response time.
  • Fortmatic Enterprise
  1. All Growth plan benefits, plus:
  2. Discounted bulk user purchase
  3. On-premise deployments
  4. Custom integrations
  5. Above 1,500,000 requests/day
  6. VIP priority support
  7. 8hr support response time

Fortmatic wallet is one of the best hot wallets. It provides safety and security to all its users. It is user-friendly and developer-friendly its features allow the use of the wallet easy. It is very easy for beginners. It supports all Ethereum tokens offering a large variety of choices.

It has collaborated with 1inch, Airswap, Bancor and many more projects, this improves the experience over Fortmatic wallet. It has its community over Telegram as well. It is a suitable replacement for Metamask as the interface is very similar to that of Metamask, the one who has used Metamask before can easily use Fortmatic as well.