HolderLab Review: Build a Crypto portfolio easy

HolderLab Review

What is HolderLab?

HolderLab is a platform that allows you to take your portfolio management to the next level. It is simply an easy way to create and manage your portfolio just in a few steps. HolderLab analyzes over 5000 to 50000 portfolios in order to search for an optimal portfolio.

Keeping a track of your crypto portfolio using Excel sheets uses a lot of time and energy, the time that you use to arrange your portfolio could be the reason you miss out on the best opportunities for buying and selling.

HolderLab is a user-friendly Crypto Portfolio Management app that is essential in knowing the value of your digital assets.

HolderLab provides portfolio optimization, a trading bot for strategies, correlation analysis, backtest a trading strategy, and social portfolios are tools for effective portfolios. You can create your strategy, choose calendar rebalancing by time period or rebalancing by deviation or use them together.

Information about HolderLab

  • HolderLab was founded in December 2019.
  • HolderLab headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Website – https://holderlab.io/

Exchanges supported on HolderLab

There are a total of 11 cryptocurrency exchanges supported on HolderLab :

  • Binance
  • Poloniex
  • KuCoin
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Kraken
  • Huobi
  • HitBTC
  • Bitbox
  • OKEX
  • beaxy

You can connect HolderLab with these exchanges using API keys.

Features of HolderLab

  • Crypto Indexes

You can stay in touch with the alterations in the cryptocurrency market, and get day-to-day information. You can add or remove new coins according to your preferences.

  • Trading Bots

Trading bots automatically rebalance strategy, you can choose among :

  • Calendar Rebalancing – Rebalancing according to time is called Calendar rebalancing you can select the duration for hours, days, weeks, or months.
  • Rebalancing by deviation – Select the threshold rebalancing, or you can use calendar rebalancing and rebalancing by deviation together.
  • Backtesting

You can test your portfolio and then alter the changes according to your preference. This is one of the best features of HolderLab.

  • Portfolio Performance Indicators

These performance indicators judge between portfolios according to their Sharpe ratio, asset allocation, weight, and estimated return.

  • Correlation Matrix

The correlation Matrix feature allows users to check whether the coins added to their portfolio are correlated or not. If the value of both coins is correlated they will move up and down together and if not they will move differently.

  • Social Marketplace

Ready–to–use portfolios are available on the HolderLab marketplace. If you are new then you can buy the templates and use them as your portfolio. Even if you are not new and you like something about the portfolio you can copy it and use it as your own.

  • Crypto Portfolio rebalancing

You can rebalance the strategies on of your portfolio in just three simple steps: Select rebalancing period, click save and click rebalance.

  • Multi-account

You can connect multiple exchanges at one time with HolderLab, this allows you to access all your accounts simultaneously at one place.

How to create account with HolderLab?

  • Go to https://holderlab.io/ which is the official website of HolderLab.
  • Click on ‘get started’ in the top right corner.
  • Fill in the details including your name, and email address, select password, repeat the password and apply promo code (if any*), tap go.
  • HolderLab sends an email to your email address for verification, complete the verification process by accessing the link.
  • After taping on the link the account will be activated and will lead you to the login page.
  • Fill up your email address and password for login. Tap login.

That’s all you need to do to get started with HolderLab.

HolderLab Plans

Free Holder Plan

  • Link any available Exchange and create a portfolio step by step
  • Use Correlation Matrix
  • Portfolio optimization in step-by-step portfolio
  • Allocation crypto assets
  • All in one portfolio in the dashboard

Holder Plan

Price – 0.00$ per month/year

  • Link any available Exchange
  • Use Correlation Matrix
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Allocation crypto assets
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing (threshold or periodic or their combination)
  • Backtest Any Portfolio
  • Save and Load Portfolio
  • Ready–Made Portfolio

Price – 7.99$ per month / 84.36$ per year (12% discount on yearly subscription)

Holder Pro Plan

  • Link any available Exchange
  • Use Correlation Matrix
  • Find Efficient Frontier portfolio
  • Adjust optimal portfolio weights
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing (threshold or periodic or their combination)
  • Backtest Any Portfolio
  • Save and Load Portfolio
  • Ready–Made Portfolio
  • Trailing stop
  • Emergency option
  • Efficient crypto index strategy

Price – 14.99$ per month / 166.8$ per year (12% discount on yearly subscription)

The payment can be made through Visa/ Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards and PayPal.

HolderLab community

HolderLab community is spread across various platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit and Medium.

Other than this any queries can be solved directly by contacting HolderLab through their website.

You can also contact HolderLab by sending them an email at contact@holderlab.io

HolderLab is user-friendly, easy to use, and a modern portfolio management platform. It guides one to create the portfolio best suited for them and smoothly alter any changes required. The prices asked by HolderLab are very affordable and reasonable. It covers the support on major exchanges and soon more names will be added to the list. It proves to be a good companion in your journey of cryptocurrency portfolio management.