Interpol’s Crime management in the Metaverse

Interpol’s Crime management in the Metaverse

The International Criminal Police Organization is serious about educating its police force online.

The ability of Interpol to use the metaverse to solve crimes is improving. In fact, Interpol will attempt to solve crimes and apprehend criminals by utilizing its virtual reality space, which is already operational.

Jurgen Stock, Secretary General of Interpol, is of the opinion that crime is becoming far more sophisticated than it has ever been. In order for the organization to fulfill its mission, it must adapt to changing conditions.

Mr. Stock stated: Criminals are skilled and skilled at quickly adapting to any new technology they can use to commit crimes.

We must adequately respond to that. Legislators, the police, and our societies occasionally lag behind.”

Interpol’s Metaverse

Interpol is currently utilizing a secure virtual reality environment for training, investigation, and collaboration. However, it appears that the organization is now seriously considering the metaverse and its potential applications.

In point of fact, the working environment, which police officers can access only through secure servers, enables them to do virtual reality-based crime simulations.

Define Metaverse crimes

Criminal acts in the metaverse are difficult to define. In the real world, certain crimes, like sexual harassment, are very obvious. However, it may be more difficult to define this kind of crime online.

These challenges are well-known to Interpol’s executive director of technology and innovation, Dr. Madan Oberoi. However, he is also of the opinion that one of the greatest obstacles they face is spreading awareness of the metaverse.

He stated, ” My most common illustration is that if you have to save someone who is drowning, you need to know how to swim.

In a similar vein, law enforcement personnel must be familiar with the metaverse in order to assist individuals who have been harmed in it.

One of our goals is to ensure that law enforcement personnel are aware when they begin using the metaverse.

Initiative on a global scale to combat crime

Currently, Interpol operates in 195 nations. Additionally, cybercrime has a global nature. As a result, Interpol plays a crucial role in the investigation of cybercrimes.

Mr. Stock went on to say: Because almost all cybercrimes have an international dimension, only national cybercrime does not exist, which is why Interpol is so important.

This is what makes Interpol’s role so important in today’s world, nearly 100 years after it was established. because no nation can combat these kinds of criminal activity alone.