Stoic Trading Bot Review: Features and How to Use?

Stoic Trading Bot Review

Stoic is a cryptocurrency trading bot that can be easily connected with Binance using Binance API keys. This trading bot is really easy to use, unlike other trading bots this bot doesn’t compromise on hard understanding features which makes the bot consumer-friendly.

Stoic bot, popularly known as Stoic AI was built by The Cindicator Team in 2020. The bot runs on the Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence and Quant technology. Cindicator Team formed a Stoic bot that offers a hedge fund-grade strategy as a simple app with powerful quant insights and AI.

The stoic bot analyzes over 176,000 people who are registered over Cindicator and makes forecasts and predicts accordingly. This enhances the prediction accuracy of the AI bot.

Another feature of the stoic bot includes its quantitative method of research and analysis. Stoic builds a balanced crypto portfolio comprising many altcoins or as you say various cryptocurrencies. It assigns the weights to each coin according to their volatility in the present market conditions. The portfolio manages and makes alterations every day as per requirement. For this feature Stoic Bot charges a 5% annual fee. 5% of the total value of your altcoins. Fees can be paid in USDT or in terms of Ethereum.

Features of Stoic Trading Bot

  • Automated crypto trading like in a hedge fund

As mentioned earlier, the Stoic bot analyzes over 176,000 people who are already registered on Cindicator to make its predictions better and more accurate. The strategy rebalances the Crypto assets from these analyses. This feature is built by the team who has also built the hedge fund Cindicator Capital.

  • 24/7 portfolio management and monitoring and withdrawals at any time

Another feature of the stoic bot includes giving you the access and liberty to check your crypto portfolio anytime you wish using the stoic app. You can also withdraw your asset from your Binance account as per your liking, with no lockup, and zero hassle.

  • Market updates to keep you informed

On the app, on Mondays, you will receive a summary of all the ongoing crypto-related events without you traveling from one app to another. This saves time and keeps you updated about all your cryptocurrency-related concerns.

  • Minimum Investment

The minimum Investment for the Stoic bot is 1000$, there’s no such limit for maximum investment.

  • Performance Fees

The Stoic bot charges 0$ as its charges fees. Making it preferable.

  • No lockup

There is no lockup period for your cryptocurrency assets which means you can withdraw your assets anytime you wish.

  • Annual Management fees

The stoic bot’s main objective is to take care of your cryptocurrency portfolio, it manages the portfolio in the best way possible by analyzing and predicting the prevailing market conditions. It weights the altcoins according to the prevailing market conditions and upcoming market conditions thereby always keeping you on the safe side. This feature of the Stoic bot itself makes the bot unique and for this service of the bot, there is a total charge of 5% of the total value of your altcoins.

That means if you have 1000$ worth of altcoins in your Binance wallet the bot will charge 50$ (5% of 1000$) annually as its management fees. Higher the value of your altcoins higher the management fees.

How to use the Stoic Crypto Trading bot

The Stoic app is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Android APK, and web apps. You can download the app on your platform and instantly start your cryptocurrency journey with Stoic.

  • Register with Stoic

First thing first, create an account with Stoic now you can do this either by downloading the app or directly accessing the official website of Stoic.

Click on ‘Get started’.

To continue sign in with your email address and a password.

Then Stoic will send a verification email to your email address and complete the verification procedure.

  • Connect with Binance

The users need to connect the bot with Binance. You can connect the bot with Binance using your API keys as you would do with any other crypto bot. After you’ve connected your stoic bot with Binance make sure you have at least 1000$ worth of cryptocurrencies in your Binance wallet. Because as said earlier the minimum deposit fee is 1000$ so one needs to have at least that much to start trading using the bot.

  • Start trading

After you have connected the accounts and have minimum deposit fees in your Binance wallet you can move forward with trading, you can also do a demo trading to see how your bot works and understand all the features and make any alterations if necessary (the demo feature is only available on the stoic app). Once you are satisfied you can provide API KEYS to your bot and now your bot will start live trading on your behalf to get you more profit-building opportunities.

Is Stoic bot the best trading bot?

The answer lies within the personal experience and use of the user. The Stoic Bot offers plenty of features that will help you soothe your cryptocurrency journey. However, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and can crash or uprise any time no matter how accurate predictions one makes the market can sometimes go the opposite.

The stoic bot is intelligent and uses different analyses to make accurate predictions, and works its best to always keep you on the profit side. While people prefer trading manually Stoic bot will help you not miss out on the opportunity that a normal human might miss.


The stoic bot uses primary analysis and prediction techniques, the bot comes with many pros including no lockup period allowing you to have more control over your cryptocurrency. Also, there are no monthly premium charges for the bot, stoic only charges an annual 5% fee which is quite affordable. However, the fees depend on the value of your crypto assets. But other than that this bot has the potential to make more profits for you and avoid losses.