Top 7 Grid Cryptocurrency Trading Bots to know about in 2023

Top 7 Grid Trading Bots

Grid trading is a strategic tool that automates buying and selling of futures contracts at pre-set intervals at the present price range in this way it constructs a grid pattern. Grid trading performs best in volatile markets when prices fluctuate at specific intervals. Essentially grid trading attempts to make profits on small price changes. It systematically executes buy and sell limit orders that are predefined at a range to profit from price volatility. The more frequently the market fluctuates within the price range the more profit you stand to make.

What is a Grid trading bot?

A grid trading bot is a bot that is specialized in grid trading and creates profits using the grid technique of trading. Grid trading bot automates the buying and selling of futures contracts. It places orders in the market at different pre-set intervals within a set or configured price range.

Using this algorithm, the bot automatically places an order of buying when the prices fall lower than the configured or set price and automatically sells when the prices rise. This creates the maximum profit.

Such bots are designed in a way to get you all the profits you can through grid trading. This technique of trading proves best in a volatile or sideways market where the prices fluctuate within a specific range. You can select that range make a grid and the bot will automatically put and place orders on your behalf.

To understand grid strategy better let’s assume an example, you set a price range of 100$ to 200$. Where 100$ is the lowest and 200$ is the highest. Now, the bot will act according to the fluctuations. If the prices fall more than 150$ then the bot will automatically place orders to buy, because the prices have fallen you will build profit by buying the cryptocurrency at a cheap. If the price starts to rise then the bot will automatically sell thereby getting you the maximum profits.

The risk that comes with this strategy is accurate predictions. If your predictions are wrong and the market falls or rises more than your configured price range chances are you may accumulate some losses. Proper analysis and regular checking can help you avoid such situations.

Top 7 Grid Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Grid trading bots are automated trading systems that use a strategy called grid trading to make profits in the cryptocurrency markets. The strategy involves buying and selling a particular asset at pre-determined intervals, or “grid levels,” in order to capture profits from price movements.

Here are some of the top grid trading bots available in the market today:

Pionex Trading bot

Pionex is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading bots that offers 16 built-in bots that are specialized in various strategies of trading. These strategies also include a grid trading strategy. The grid trading bot comes with an AI strategy in which the bot calculates the parameters through backtesting of the last 7 days. This thereby, adds more accuracy to the predictions.

There are over 346 tokens available on Pionex with only 0.05% trading fees. Popular coins include ETH, DOGE, SOL, SHIB, etc. It has users across 100+ countries. Daily trades over Pionex are over 100 million.


There is no premium pricing for Pionex except the 0.05% trading fee on every transaction.

Website –

Quadency Trading bot

Quadency has a pre-built trading bot beautifully designed to trade well across various strategies and at different market conditions. It is available across 35 exchange platforms. There are almost 17 different types of bots programmed differently to work on different market conditions.


  • Lite – 0.00$ per month
  • Pro- 49.99$ per month
  • Unlimited – 99.99$ per month

3Commas Trading bot

3commas is one of the leading platforms in terms of trading bots, these bots are most trusted and are designed to work well in any prevailing market conditions.


  • Free – 0.00$ per month
  • Starter – 29.99$ per month / 174$ per annum (14.5$ per month)
  • Advanced – 49.99 $ per month / 294$ per annum (24.5$ per month)
  • Pro – 99.99$ per month / 594$ per annum (49.5$ per month)

Cryptohopper Trading bot

Cryptohopper is a powerful AI-powered crypto trading bot that operates on over 16 major exchange platforms. It helps you save time and trade efficiently 24/7.


  • Pioneer – 0.00$ per month
  • Explorer – 19.99$ per month
  • Adventurer – 49.99$ per month
  • Hero – 99.99$ per month

Bitsgap Trading bot

Bitsgap is among the popular trading bots in the industry, it supports more than 25 major exchange platforms. Offers features like portfolio tracking and allows arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges.


  • Basic – 19$
  • Advanced – 44$
  • Pro- 110$

Trade Santa Trading bot

TradeSanta offers various technical indicators and bot templates. This included real-time tracking. These bots are well-suited for beginners as well as professionals.


  • Basic – 14$ per month
  • Advanced – 20$ per month
  • Maximum – 30$ per month

Binance Trading bot

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. It is amongst the most popular exchange platforms that offer the trading of plenty of tokens. Binance has an in-built bot, these bots can work in different market conditions and on different strategies including grid trading.


Grid trading is the easiest and simplest way of trading. With simple predictions, one can earn major profits in the cryptocurrency market. Even though the market is extremely volatile and unpredictable, one can ensure huge profits if one knows how to trade.

Grid trading bots are here to smoothen your journey in trading, there are many hits available in the market and one can choose any one as per their requirements and budget. These bots will make sure that you don’t miss out on any profit-making opportunities while trading using the grid strategy.