Binance Announces the Launch of a brand new Fan Club Rewards Program

Binance Fan Club

A new fan club program based on Binance’s previous fan engagement program for Fan Tokens has been announced. In October 2021, the earlier program went live for the first time. Since then, it has provided sports fans with opportunities to engage with their favorite teams more actively and interactively. These remember deciding in favor of prize sorts that fans can win, changing over tickets into NFTs, and deciding in favor of players of the month. Over 130,000 people are currently participating.

The new program provides fans with additional opportunities to interact with their favorite sports team and includes more perks. Fans can use it as a rewards redemption system to earn points that can be redeemed for VIP tickets, personalized video clips, and dinners with players, among other exclusive experiences.

Head of NFT and Fan Token at Binance, Lisa He, made the following remarks following the relaunch of the Fan Club program:

Fan Tokens are the future of fan engagement and today marks the start of a new program for sports fans to create memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s dinner with their favorite player or getting a tour of the stadium – we’re excited to launch Binance Fan Club and see the developments this has in the future to bring fans even closer to their favorite teams.

How does Binance Fan Club program work?

The Binance Fan Token program is where the rewards redemption system works. Participants can claim a free “Fan Club pass” badge upon joining the program and begin earning Star points, which they can later use to purchase rewards. Simple tasks like participating in polls for votes and learning about Fan tokens are required to earn Star points. Fans who have more Star points will be able to get more exclusive benefits.

What is a Binance Fan token?

By purchasing Binance Fan tokens, you can support your favorite team through the program. A utility token called a Binance Fan token connects sports clubs and fans worldwide.

Examples of typical uses for Binance Fan tokens are:

Voting polls: Fan tokens give you special voting rights that let you vote on the decisions made by the team.

NFT and Mystery boxes: Rare and legendary collectibles from fans’ favorite teams and brands are among these. The NFTs obtained this way can be traded on Binance’s secondary market.

Fan store: a marketplace only open to holders of fan tokens. Here, fans can get VIP experiences, special merchandise, match tickets, sports equipment, and collectibles.

Prediction of a match: Fans can use this feature to predict how their favorite teams will fare in matches. Fans receive points for making accurate predictions.

Who are the participating teams in the Binance fan club program?

The program has so far welcomed a number of world-class teams, including Alpine F1 from France, Lazio from Italy, Porto from Portugal, Santos from Brazil, and Lazio from Lazio.

What kind of Rewards are included?

There are chances to win special privileges by unlocking Fan Badges. Additionally, fans are given priority access to exclusive NFT drops. Participating in Fan Voting Polls is another way to have a say in the decisions made by your team.

Some rewards are specific to the team. Lazio, for instance, uses an NFT ticketing system that enables fans to redeem fan rewards and convert their existing tickets into NFT tickets. On their official Instagram page, FC Porto runs a “historical moment” program that celebrates fans’ achievements.

In the event that you’re not yet a Binance client, you’ll initially have to finish the personality confirmation cycle to join the program. After that, you can visit the Fan Club platform to learn more about the reward programs and participating teams. On the same platform, you can also investigate the upcoming Binance Fan Tokens and their listing dates. There are additional benefits to participating in the Launchpool, such as lower prices for token purchases.