New era begins with YouTube entering Web 3

YouTube entering in Web 3

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, is enthusiastic about the potential of NFTs and Web3

NFTs will soon be utilized by YouTube for its creators. In fact, the technology is highly regarded by YouTube’s new CEO.

In a recent blog post, Neal Mohan gave NFTs high marks. In point of fact, Mohan provided examples of how he anticipates NFTs will be incorporated into his platform.

He stated, ” We think that new technologies like NFTs and blockchain can help creators connect with their fans more deeply. They will be able to work on new projects together and make money in ways they couldn’t before.

Giving fans a verifiable way to own individual videos, photos, artwork, and even experiences from their favorite creators could, for instance, be a compelling proposition for both the creators and the audiences they serve.

Youtube is entering Web 3.0

YouTube is entering an exciting new era. Neal Mohan, the company’s new CEO, will unavoidably begin implementing NFTs where Susan Wojcicki left off. Susan gave the impression that she would be “expanding the YouTube ecosystem” to include “things like NFTs” prior to her departure. Mohan’s integration of Web3 tools for YouTube creators now appears imminent.

We can anticipate greater empowerment for creators in the new era based on his previous remarks. Additionally, additional methods for monetizing content using NFTs will emerge. Fans could buy an NFT, for instance, to get access to exclusive content. Selling video segments as NFTs, which provide fans with value, may also be an option for creators.

NFTs are being Taken Over

YouTube isn’t the only tech powerhouse to move into Web3. As a matter of fact, YouTube is continuing in the strides of Google, Twitter, and Instagram, which have all begun the most common way of coordinating Web3 devices.

In partnership with four marketplaces, Twitter will soon enable users to buy, sell, and display NFTs directly through tweets.

Also, last year, Instagram made NFTs available on its platform and even became a marketplace for NFTs. With NFTs and YouTube’s billion-dollar creator economy, the possibilities for the platform are endless.